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10 ideas for cooking veal slices

Lean, tender, tasty and rich in protein: these are the main characteristics, as well as the virtues, of veal slices. One of the most popular cuts of this type of meat, also due to its practicality. When you’re short on time, roast them for a few minutes and they’re ready to eat. But the desire for something else – to vary your daily diet – is more than legitimate, even sacrosanct. So, here are some alternative and original solutions for cooking slices.

  1. Cutlets with hazelnuts. Veal cutlets in white wine are a well-known Milanese recipe, now loved throughout Italy. The recipe is known. Here we offer you an unknown but very satisfying variant: hazelnut cutlets. A second dish which rhymes with autumn, the result of an interesting mix of flavors because, in addition to hazelnuts, there are ingredients in some unpredictable ways: anchovies, brandy, tarragon. Try.
  2. Veal chops. The desire to indulge in a according substantial can be easily achieved through veal chops. A classic and timeless recipe, excellent both hot and cold and therefore also perfect for summer. The recipe we recommend calls for the slices of veal to contain a full-bodied filling of mortadella, scamorza, sage and chopped pistachios. The preparation is shorter than you think, in less than an hour the chops are ready.
  3. Urbinate-style chops. As its name clearly indicates, it is a typical dish of the city of Urbino. It’s a version especially chops, just as rich and greedy, excellent for those who like to broaden their horizons in the kitchen. The filling, made of omelet, spinach and caciotta. sees the union of proteins and vegetables in a single dish. We recommend adding a side dish of potatoes to bring a tasty and complete dinner to the table.
  4. Blue cord. The blue cord it certainly needs no introduction. The original recipe involves the use of chicken and an alternative, now very common, is one based on turkey. But have you ever tasted veal cordon bleu? It’s awesome, seeing is believing. The important thing is to choose a spun cheese that is easy to melt.
  5. Veal piccata. Twenty minutesat most, bring a according really tasty. It is also very easy. The piccata is another specialty of Milanese cuisine. The slices of veal are simply floured, browned in butter then flavored with lemon juice and parsley. But the possibilities to customize them are many, for example you can use white wine instead of lemon juice and then you can add mushrooms, capers, tomatoes. You can follow your tastes and your creative flair.
  6. Vienna Schnitzel. Basically, it’s the Viennese version of the classic cutlet. The veal cutlet is not used, but the rump or the nut. The slices are made very thin with a meat tenderizer, floured and then dipped in egg and breadcrumbs. For frying, butter is used. Of course, it is not a light dish but its goodness is undeniable.
  7. Spring veal rolls. A spring (and summer) recipe but far from common. Once tried, however, doing it again will be inevitable. IS good, original, versatile. The scrolls hide a vegetarian heart made with zucchini and julienned carrots and thyme. During the cooking, the leeks are added, which adds an important flavor boost. The perfect accompaniment? Salt the potatoes.
  8. Carpaccio all’Albese. Typical Piedmontese aperitif, fresh and delicious. The very thin slices of veal are seasoned with an emulsion of lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. As a final touch, we suggest a shower of parmesan shavings and a generous grind of pepper. Pleasure.
  9. Escalope with pizzaiola. With this recipe, footwear is mandatory. A little over 20 minutes to obtain a dish which is truly an irresistible invitation. Veal slices are pan-fried with fresh tomatoes (or peeled, at the end of summer), olives and capers. It ends with the addition of parsley and basil. With this recipe, a resolutely… Mediterranean flavor spreads in the kitchen.
  10. Veal rolls with ham. We conclude this roundup with a recipe that requires the use of Thermomix: the veal rolls with ham and wine sauce. Easy, even very easy, and full of flavors. In the long list of ingredients we find – among others – onions, carrots, datterini tomatoes, mustard, raw ham, artichokes, fresh cream. A calorie bomb? Well it’s not an ultra light plate but it deserves it. A lot.

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