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10 recipes to make in the microwave

The microwave has strengths and weaknesses, it may or may not convince, but it is undoubtedly a great convenience. In most cases it is used for defrosting or reheating food but that means underestimating it. As has now been widely demonstrated, it does not alter the nutritional value of fresh foods and allows the preparation, even from A to Z, simple and tasty recipes. Some examples ? We will satisfy you immediately.

  1. Potatoes. We can only start with potatoes, an essential food for their goodness and versatility. The microwave allows you to bring them to the table in 10 minutes and in a role that everyone agrees: young and old, vegetarians and vegans. Oil, salt, peppersome others Spice up and that’s it: a side dish perfect for any dish and for any occasion.
  2. Velvety pumpkin soup with orange and au gratin barley. A high-class dish, despite its simplicity, and perfect in the cold season is here Cream Of Pumpkin. Microwave cooking requires less than 20 minutesso they have to take it into account others 10 For the preparation. Few steps, maximum yield. Also because it is a full-bodied recipe, made so by the combination of pumpkin, barley, Parmesan cheese And Milk.
  3. fried eggs. Yes: in the microwave oven, you can fry eggs. The result will be lighter than frying in a pan but the flavor will not be affected. Seeing is believing. Grease (without overdoing it) a dish with oil and butter, open the egg, add a little salt but only in correspondence with the egg white and make a few small holes in the yolk. Medium power microwaves, 40 seconds and the egg will be ready.
  4. Chicken meatballs. The chicken slices contain a filling of asparagus And cheese and are wrapped in bacon: pleasure. A according original and super easy. They just have to cook 4 minutes each side in the microwave and are served piping hot.
  5. Cooked fish. Sea bream, plaice, sea bass, swordfish, salmon: the choice is yours. Anyway, the cooked fish microwaved is a winner. They are needed less than 10 minutes, the delicacy of the fish is fully respected and its beneficial properties remain intact. This dish can also become double. What do we mean? That you can add various vegetables before closing the parchment paper package. For example courgettes, carrots, potatoes. Indeed: the latter, cut into slices and placed under the fish, help to keep it perfectly hydrated.
  6. Vegetables. An alternative to boiled vegetables where steam these are the ones cooked in the microwave. Few think about it but the question seems very interesting and not only for a question of speed. Cooking odors are kept to a minimum and the vegetables retain not only their nutrients but also the aromas and color. In addition, they are crispier than traditional cooking methods.
  7. chocolate brownies. If you like mythical brownies, you can not not try this recipe. Ready in 15 minutes, gourmet, inviting and also very fragrant. calories? Well, sometimes a sin of gluttony is permitted. Indeed, practically a must. In addition to dark chocolate, bitter cocoa is also served.
  8. Apple pie. A lighter dessert, still to be cooked in the microwave? Try this fluffy Apple pie, enriched by the flavor of lemon and vanilla. There is a little trick to make the surface crispy and caramelized: spread a spoonful of sugar and a few flakes of butter.
  9. Yogurt cake. there is also a beautiful one Yogurt cake to prepare in the microwave. The dough is made in particular from cane sugar, wheat starch and vanilla extract. And instead of plain yogurt, you can use coconut or lemon yogurt. perfect one breakfast or for the to taste, this cake can also be served as a sweet ending to a lunch or dinner. Perhaps accompanied by a few hazelnuts of whipped cream or a little whipped cream.
  10. chestnuts. But did you know that you can also cook them in the microwave? chestnuts? they are enough 5 minutes at 750-800W. It is essential to engrave them and place them on the plate with the incision upwards. To flavor them better, they are then left to rest. another 5 minutes (Where sevenif they are particularly large or brown) closed in a paper bag.

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