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14 recipes that prove fall is the best season in the kitchen

TheAutumn on our tables! For some this is good news, for others much less: the shorter days, the first cold days, the trees that are slowly undressing, the lack of certain ingredients that made our kitchens colorful and cheerful can make us feel the summer nostalgia. . Autumn is a season full of ingredients to use in the kitchen Yet there is so much to enhance and exploit in a tasty way even in this season. Let us think of the luminous nuances of certain fruits, as I khakiI figsthe GrenadeL’grape seed, all versatile ingredients with a thousand nuances that can give rise to delicious dishes. Consider, once again, the pumpkinto different types of broccolito beet. Sweet, salty, sour, bitter. Also in this season, nature offers us everything we need for many delicious sweet and savory creations. And then there is the kingdom of mushrooms and their king, the white truffle. Haven’t you been convinced yet? Discover it 14 recipes that we have selected for you to show you that autumn is the best season in the kitchen.

  1. Autumn Parmigiana: the iconic summer dish made with eggplant is easily transformed to adapt to the scents, ingredients and flavors of the first cold season. Eggplants can, in fact, be replaced by mushrooms and potatoes, thistles, cauliflower, potatoes, pumpkin, beets, raw materials which, often, even in the colors recall the ‘fall.
  2. Pumpkin flan: it is certainly the main ingredient of this period of the year. Many different varieties to use every day in new recipes, from the simplest to the most refined like this starter enriched with the flavor of parmesan. If you don’t like the sweetness of pumpkin, you can replace it with porcini mushrooms, broccoli or potatoes and cabbage.
  3. Pomegranate Risotto: elegant and refined is this recipe based on one of the most interesting autumn fruits. The pomegranate is an excellent ingredient in the kitchen, both for sweet and savory recipes. We don’t talk about it often because it’s a little uncomfortable to shell, but at this time the days are shorter and it can be relaxing to sit on the sofa and put the beans aside, perhaps in watching Chef David Chang’s new series. Try pomegranate in a parmesan risotto or in its vegan variant.
  4. Gnocchi with Castelmagno and walnuts: lower temperatures make us hungrier and more in need of something enveloping that will pamper us a little. Autumn is the right time for a tasty plate of warm fondue gnocchi from Castelmagno, an intensely flavored Piedmontese cheese. You can add a crunchy note with chopped hazelnuts or chopped walnuts. To add more autumnal color to the dish, aim for pumpkin, beet or purple potato gnocchi.
  5. Soup and soups: it is one of the comforting dishes par excellence in the coldest periods of the year. Easy to prepare, even in advance, with seasonal ingredients, suitable for all tastes and dietary requirements. Try for example an invigorating bean or lentil soup, an autumn vegetable soup with crouton (bites of toasted bread), a porcini mushroom soup, a purple potato or pumpkin velouté. You can add a pinch of flavor by adding spices or crispy bacon. And don’t forget a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil before serving. Among other things, at the beginning of November begins the period of new oil and open mills.
  6. Veal cutlets with hazelnuts: the harvesting of these tasty fruits takes place in autumn and, as we have seen, they can be exploited not only in sweet, but also savory recipes. Then try our recipe for veal cutlets with crunchy crushed hazelnuts, a simple but effective dish, to accompany a side dish of roasted or mashed potatoes. With such a tasty dish you will see that you will not be nostalgic for summer!
  7. Roast pork with fruit: not just hazelnuts. Other seasonal fruits can be used in original and delicious ways and give a new taste to colder and shorter days. Pork, so soft and tasty, also lends itself well to new combinations. Try, for example, roast pork with apples or other fruit, such as pears, grapes, persimmons, or stuffed with chestnuts and plums.
  8. Eggs and truffle: one of the best ingredients of this time of year is certainly the white truffle (tuber magnatum pico) and Italy, with Alba and Acqualagna, is the world capital of this refined raw material. Take advantage of the first cold courses to taste it on pasta, on a risotto, on a fillet. But our advice is to try it on a fried egg or an omelet. An experience you will hardly forget.
  9. Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms: much less precious than truffles but still interesting in the kitchen. Portobello mushrooms, with their wide, spacious caps, are perfect for stuffing to taste and baking in the oven. A simple, quick and tasty way to experience the scents of autumn without much effort. How to fill them? You can use couscous mixed with seasonal vegetables, cheese (ricotta, goat cheese, provola or smoked scamorza, mozzarella, caciocavallo), bechamel, meat, potatoes and porcini mushrooms, the choice is yours. depending on the inspiration of the moment or your eating habits. .
  10. cooked fish: there are many seasonal fish products in this period. Sardine, sole, anchovies, turbot, grouper, cuttlefish, for example. And with the lower temperatures, we can go back to turning on the oven and preparing special dishes. What do we recommend? Red mullet, which in autumn has the most tender meats, and can be accompanied by excellent seasonal vegetables, such as mashed potatoes or broccoli, artichokes, pumpkin or fennel.
  11. crushed with grapes: it is a typical Tuscan autumn recipe, especially from the cities of Florence and Prato. A poor dish linked to the harvest period, but always current and tasty. The secret? Canaiola grape variety, with large grains but rich in water, therefore unsuitable for vinification. If you can’t find any, you can replace it with black muscat or merlot and still prepare an excellent crushed grape. And, once cold, serve it with a glass of Vinsanto to stay on topic.
  12. Kiwi fruit cake: another seasonal fruit with a bright and lively color, reminiscent of the green of spring leaves. The preparation of the kiwi cake is easy and with our recipe, enriched with ricotta and with less butter, it is also a light proposal. Try it for breakfast with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice to fill up on color and vitamin C and prepare for winter with more flavor.
  13. Khaki cobbler: if the tangy taste of kiwis, especially in the morning, does not tickle your palate, bet on the persimmon pie, another seasonal fruit rich in vitamin C. It is a very simple preparation, a base of shortcrust pastry covered with he layer of persimmon pulp and, if you like, a crunchy note given by hazelnuts, walnuts or cocoa drops, is suitable for breakfast, but also as an autumn meal.
  14. bavarian chestnuts: if the pie does not seem very elegant to you as a dessert, prepare this dessert of French origin based on cream, sugar, milk, eggs and jelly. To give an autumnal touch, our advice is to flavor the bavarois with a purée of cooked chestnuts, a delicious seasonal ingredient. You can prepare it in advance and enjoy it at the most suitable times, possibly garnished with a dab of whipped cream, a dark chocolate sauce or a scoop of persimmon ice cream.

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