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5 recipes from starred chef Norbert Niederkofler

All the taste of South Tyrol in the recipes of Norbert Niederkofler

Leader three Michelin stars Norbert Niederkofler is the new testimony to the taste and excellence of Marlene apples. The collaboration between the group from South Tyrol and the chef has given rise to a few receipts who see the Daughter of the Alps apple as the protagonist. The chef brought his vision that combines origin and international reach, pleasure and sustainability, art and culture. “Marlène is a Daughter of the Alps, like me. It’s the apple that brings the taste, the aroma and the aromas ofSouth Tyrol, which are the basis of my cooking,” said Niederkofler. Its focus is experiences that allow you to to improve and make even better known the magnificent Excellency of our territory all over the world. A “mountain” partnership therefore in the name of taste and sustainability. Are you ready to discover all the ingredients?

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A map of 5 lessons where is the marlene apple hero and five different varieties come in as many recipes. Thinking to enhance the characteristics of each fruit, with curious combinations and unexpected that transform the apple, in all its versatility that makes it suitable for any season, in an ingredient of pure gastronomy. In every course, the scent of South Tyrol is rejected. The recipes that we offer you here will be collected in a folder, flanked by other 4 cookbooks produced by as many international chefs chosen by him to interpret the apple in the 4 seasons.

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Marlene apples, quality and respect for the territory

Norbert Niederkofler is the chef who made the cuisine and the mountain products famous all over the world. Since 1996 he has been the chef of the St. Hubertus restaurant in San Cassiano, which, under his leadership in 2018, won the third Michelin star and the green star for sustainability in 2020. Also in 2020, with his partner Paolo Ferretti, he opened the AlpiNN Food Space & Restaurant in Plan de Corones. The philosophy “Cooking the mountain“From Niederkofler, made of research, care, seasonality, respect and enhancement of mountain products, goes perfectly with that of Marlène apples. Besides the taste, the sustainability. Indeed, Norbert’s image embodies the values ​​of taste, origin and durability of the Marlène brand. In his cuisine, attention to quality, territory and respect for the times of nature go hand in hand with a international visionjust like the Figlia delle Alpi apple.

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Let’s start with: Apple, wheat and red fruits where the Granny Smith, with pleasant tangy notes, is marinated in spices and served with buckwheat seeds and a red fruit compote. We then proceed to a very cool Salad with wild herbs, goat cheese and apples. An always winning combination, that between cheese and apple, in this case the sweet and fragrant Royal Gala which balances well the acidity of the vinaigrette with raspberry juice. The first course is a mountain ceviche. A particularly sweet and juicy Fuji Marlene extract is used to season char, a mountain fish, to be served with unusual Jerusalem artichoke crisps, potato skins and fish skin. As a second course, the chef thought of Game. The pulp of the Red Delicious apple reveals all its melting juiciness when it is braised with onions then accompanied by the sirloin of deer. The grand finale is a apple mille-feuille, specifically Golden Delicious Marlene, sweet, aromatic and with a hint of acidity that contrasts with the richness of the dessert. This reinterpretation of the “classic” millefeuille includes a kefir sauce, a crumble and a sabayon mousse.

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