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6 tips (and 6 recipes) for eating well in summer

Good weather, longer days and, on average, more time available: let’s see how summer it can turn into a good opportunity to eat in a healthier way, even better if in family.


The warm season puts you in a good mood, inspires you to stay outside and move. Moreover, thanks to the wide range of fruits and vegetables available, it is much easier to satisfy the golden rule of five servings of vegetables per day, respecting seasonality and – last but not least – the wallet. For some time, in fact, the traditional link between Italians and the Mediterranean diet has been weakening: this has been observed in various studies and has recently been confirmed by a study by CREA (Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agraria economy) conducted in 2020 and published this year, in which it was found that only 13% of the examined population strictly adheres to the mediterranean diet.

try the recipe: A small sweet salad


To improve family habits at the table, we must start by demystifying a false myth: the healthy food it is no less tempting than sweet and savory snacks. It is true that many, and especially children, are naturally inclined to prefer energy-dense foods, but this should not become an alibi: nutrition should always be well balanced and varied for everyone, to ensure the right amount of macro and micro nutrients. Refined foods high in sugar and salt gratify and encourage more eating. They are fine once in a while, but not every day. Instead, why not go on the counterattack? Discovering the flavors of certain vegetable combinations in complete serenity, playing with colors and experimenting with smoothies and centrifuges, mixed salads, purées and cold creams, vegetable croquettes and hummus in which to dip raw vegetables, intrigue even the little ones.

try the recipe: Tofu cream for croutons and pinzimonio

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Special breakfast


We take advantage of the extra time in the morning to properly restore thebreakfast habit. Skipping it, in fact, is the best way to get hungry for lunch or overdo mid-morning appetite suppressants. Milk and yoghurt are good for adults and children, and possibly also vegetable drinks based on soy, oats or rice, preferably without added sugar; then cereal flakes or cookies, fruit, juice or juicer and dried fruit for those who need more energy. On vacation it is also useful the “bruncher”a somewhat more abundant breakfast, always made with healthy and balanced ingredients, which allows us to take even fruit and water with us to the beach or on trips, arriving safely to the dinner time.

try the recipe: Yogurt with fruit puree, oats and nuts


Heat, thirst, walks and trips increase the desire to quench your thirst with a cold drink. The water remains our best ally, with particular attention to children and the elderly, who tend to get dehydrated easier. THE Juice they should be eaten in moderation (not a good substitute for water or whole fruit) as they are high in sugars. And the Beer? It can be interesting as a non-alcoholic drink, while the “classic” drink containing alcohol must be limited to no more than one 330 ml per day for women and two for men, to remain in low quantities. risk. The ice cream it can be considered a good hydrating snack, provided it is in adequate portions for the person consuming it, preferably fruit-based or simple creams such as mozzarella and yogurt. We then take full advantage of the moisturizing properties of water-rich summer vegetables, such as watermelon, melon, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers.

try the recipe: The summer skewer


Given travel, the beach and summer camps, the dilemma of packed lunch. The sandwich is practical and appreciated, but the stuffing makes the difference. It is good to limit cold meats, rich in saturated fats and salt, to once a week maximum, favoring raw, cooked ham or bresaola without preservatives, nitrites and nitrates and without visible fat. There are alternatives vegetarianswith fresh cheese and vegetables, or vegetable burgers based on cereals and legumes. Try quinoa with lentils, carrots and zucchini, blended into a mixture and molded into a burger shape then breaded, cooked in a non-stick skillet and placed between two slices of bread, making for a nutritious and complete meal. And the bread? We are looking for a product with truly complete and unrefined flours with added bran, with little sodium and vegetable fats other than palm and rapeseed oil. With cereals you can create imagination cold salads, not only with pasta and rice (better complete), but also with spelled, barley, quinoa, couscous, perhaps combined with a fresh cheese such as ricotta or goat cheese or with legumes, plus of course lots of colorful vegetables. In addition to limiting cold cuts as much as possible, do not exaggerate even with mature cheeses and canned fish (preferably fresh or frozen).

try the recipe: Barley pâté


L’physical exercise it acts in synergy with nutrition not only to control body weight and improve metabolism but also to reduce cardiovascular risk and the risk of developing certain types of tumours. More and more scientific articles describe exercise as the key to increasing the likelihood of staying healthy for as long as possible. Physical activity it’s everything that involves moving, throughout the day: climbing stairs, walking, cleaning and in the garden, getting around by bike. However, all this is not enough, it would be necessary to add at least three weekly training sessions which include both cardiovascular exercises and strength exercises. Often during the school/work year we hide behind the excuse of not having time. The summer holidays they can be a good time to discover a passion for a sport and/or acquire new movement habits. The advantage this will provide can be a strong incentive to seek time to devote to this activity even in the period when you are busiest.

try the recipe: Quinoa croquettes with rocket sauce, basil and pine nuts

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