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60 Oldani recipes to support cancer research

Sixty recipes to prepare every day or on special occasions; stories of cooking and curious combinations of foods and flavors; practical advice on which seasonal fruits, vegetables and fish to choose, and how to shop consciously, with one eye on the quality of the food and the other on the lightness of the dishes. All wrapped up in Together – Health and seasons, the new book signed by starred chef Davide Oldani, the creator of pop cuisine: a charitable initiative promoted by the IEO – European Institute of Oncology, in partnership with Coop, to educate about good nutrition and, at the same time , prevent cancer . The proceeds from the sale of the food collection, distributed through the supermarket chain, will go to the IEO-MONZINO Foundation: it will be used to finance scholarships for young researchers engaged in the study of oncological pathologies and the identification of new treatments. increasingly efficient and personalized.

Female tumors: in 10 years + 34% of women live after diagnosis

by Irma D’Aria

Smell and touch the freshness to recognize quality foods

Prevention at the table not only involves healthy, balanced and ethically sustainable recipes, but also small, simple gestures that can often make a difference in the choice of food. The book suggests several: “It’s not so obvious to always be able to recognize freshness, to know what a thawed fish looks like or what it should have an ‘undated’ face, what kind of consistency you need to smell when you touch it a head of lettuce or that perfume has a melon picked at the right time – writes in his book Oldani – What is certain is that the fresh fruit has bright colors, a turgid consistency and, in mouth, it is crunchy, tasty and sweeter, because the sugar it contains has not yet been transformed into starch. And this fresh fish has a “lively look”; and that even fresh meat is consistent, almost odorless and “has bright colors. In any case, smelling and touching food is my ‘guarantee’, and touch is the litmus test of the freshness of vegetables, fish and meat”.

Gastrointestinal cancers, 78,000 new cases in Italy each year, but still too many late diagnoses

by Irma D’Aria

No food should be demonized

The book says it clearly: a light, balanced and above all tasty diet can be an integral part of this lifestyle that helps you stay healthy and prevent oncological diseases. “No food is to be avoided – explains Paolo Veronesi, director of senology at the IEO – the important thing is that there is always the right balance in the quantities, favoring fruits, vegetables and legumes, and reducing the consumption of red and processed meats. In short, simple advice to follow that can help us feel good without sacrificing taste, and that prestigious chefs like Oldani help us spread thanks to their social commitment against diseases which, despite the great advances in therapies, still create a lot of darkness around us.

Prostate Cancer, Precision Medicine Help Is Coming

by Sandro Iannaccone

Seasonality must be a fixed point

The seasonality of vegetables, fruit and fish in the kitchen has always been a sort of compass for the Milanese chef, who also received the Michelin green star: an award given to restaurants at the forefront in the field of sustainability, who work with producers and suppliers to avoid waste and reduce plastic and other non-recyclable materials from their supply chain. “I am for an ethical and sustainable cuisine – emphasizes Oldani – accessible to all and concerned about the environment: seasonality must be a fixed point, which leads to be careful and to do a “thoughtful” shopping”.

Tennis and prevention: meeting in Rome for women’s health

An opportunity for cancer research

“Initiatives like these, which are part of people’s daily lives – emphasizes Mauro Melis, CEO of the IEO – in addition to providing concrete support for specific projects, are important to raise awareness of the challenge of research against cancer and solidarity for those who fight every day against the disease”. “Our relationship with the IEO is consolidated – concludes Alfredo de Bellis, Vice President of Coop Lombardia – and allows us to support patients through charitable campaigns and the donation of contributions from the sale of healthy products”.

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