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8 easy recipes for cooking cod

Light, low calorie but high in protein, B vitamins, Omega 3 And mineral salts: Here is Cod, among the most common types of fish. Appreciated for its lean meats with a delicate – and incomparable – flavor, it appeals to young and old alike. Yet not everyone is aware of their versatility in the kitchen. Let’s take it nets, for example. The first idea that usually comes to mind is to cook them In the caseroleperhaps enriching them with spices and other simple ingredients such as olivesI capers and me Pine nuts. Otherwise, you can prepare the legendary stew. But, in reality, there are many other options, which require little effort in the face of great satisfaction. Let’s review the super tested ones.

  1. Cod sticks. You know: cod sticks they are particularly appreciated by the little ones but also adults appreciate them for their crunchiness and their delicacy. Frozen food they can be found in any supermarket but it is good to know that prepare them at homewith fresh cod fillets, it’s not difficult at all. Indeed, it gains in flavor and also in nutritional properties. The ingredients you need are absolutely simple: eggs, salt, breadcrumbs, flour and pepper. In a half hour about are ready.
  2. Cod burger. The cod burger they are an excellent alternative to meat-based ones. Light, tasty and also fragrant: thanks todill and of lemon peel. Again, they are only needed half an hour and a few steps and the result is guaranteed. To make this dish more full-bodied, just add a Egg in batter or breadcrumbs.
  3. Cod rolls with lime. Here you area delicious and creative recipe that turns out perfect for a casual lunch or dinner but also for a special occasion, precisely by virtue of its originality. Plus, it looks really good, which certainly doesn’t hurt. The ideal accompaniment? Swiss chard sautéed in garlic, oil and chilli. Which can also serve as a bed on which to lay the cod rolls.
  4. Cod meatballs with pistachios from Bronte. In only 20 minutesthose mouth-watering Meatballs they are ready to be tasted. THE pistachios they are incorporated into the mixture as flour and form a combination of 10 and praise with the cod flavor. For the rest, they only serve lemon, Garlic, soft bread, Egg, parsley, salt and pepper. A range also suitable appetizers and have homemade buffet.
  5. Cod with chickpea cream. A full-bodied dish but elegant, perfect for colder days. L’the agreement between cod and legumes is always a winner: in this recipe, the fillets are cut into bite-size pieces and dipped in flour before being cooked in a frying pan. One step, the latter, which serves to make them crunchy, then they are placed on the chickpea cream flavored with rosemary. Try.
  6. Gratinated cod. The timeless au gratin coda guarantee of quality, is now also available as frozen product in supermarkets. But its preparation is within everyone’s reach, even the less experienced. In addition, by opting for DIY, it is possible to personalize the breading by flavoring it with the spicesas well as with the lemon. Or, perhaps, replacing the latter with theorange.
  7. Cod medallions with tomato and olives. It’s a second course be prepared with Thermomix for which it is necessary a little over half an hour. It’s a recipe that we could define Mediterranean for the mixture of ingredients and flavors that characterizes it: in addition to Cod fillets and have tomatoes (peeled tomatoes and cherry tomatoes), lemonL’Garlicthe basilthe parsleythe black olives. And a few others.
  8. Cod loin with purple aubergines and mint oil. Have you ever tried the combo cod plus eggplant? It deserves and finds its perfect expression in this summer dish atypical, light and tasty. The additional key is themint oilwhich is prepared by simply mixing the mint leaves with oil and salt until obtaining a sauce which is then used to season the mixture of cod and aubergines cooked in the pan.

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