This section of the highway code prohibits you from sleeping in the car, it can be worth a large fine

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In case of severe fatigue while driving, it is more than advisable to take a break and rest for a few minutes rather than taking unnecessary risks. Our British counterparts agree with this. However, there is one point on which they are intransigent.

No drunk driving, even when stationary

After consuming alcohol, it is forbidden to sleep in a car or camper. The goal is to fight against drunk driving.

Well, minus points or even prison

This item has been around for 35 years in the UK. However, motorists seem to have (re)discovered it for only a few weeks.

In addition to the rather surprising aspect of the latter, it is above all the sanction suffered that challenges the pilots. £2,500 (€2,850) is expensive for a siesta.

Especially since this fine can be accompanied by fewer points on the license and sometimes even a prison sentence. All this without driving!


Wouldn’t this law be a little too strict? It’s up to you to tell us what you think. Does it make sense to be punished when you are caught sleeping in your car while drunk? The question seems legitimate.

Clement Fauriel