OVHcloud gets its first quantum computer

OVHcloud continues to grow in quantum computing. The northern company has just bought its first quantum computer from the French start-up Quandela, which specializes in quantum photonics. The first version of the machine, called MosaiQ, will have a computing power of 2 qubits. A 12-qubit version is expected later this year.

OVHcloud ensures that this acquisition “starts many R&D projects”. This order is the second stage of the partnership signed in 2022 between the cloud service provider and the French start-up. With this in mind, OVHcloud hosts Quandela’s Perceval software in open source in its cloud, which allows the execution of quantum algorithms by simulating an optical quantum computer. This tool aims to help developers, industrialists and the scientific community in the context of their work in the quantum field, in particular to explore the potential applications of this technology which is attracting eagerness.

In quantum computing, OVHcloud has also joined forces with Atos to integrate its partner’s quantum emulator into its own cloud. Here too, the goal is to facilitate access to quantum technologies for research laboratories, large schools, universities, start-ups or even large groups. By multiplying alliances of this kind, OVHcloud hopes to position itself as an essential partner for French and European players in the sector, while the American giants, especially Google and IBM, are lining up colossal sums to develop machines with several thousand qubits.