No Man’s Sky: Before Landing on the Moon, this reference was a disappointment for some players

Game news No Man’s Sky: Before Landing on the Moon, this reference was a disappointment for some players

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In this new episode of JV Legends, we take a look at the No Man’s Sky case. The game developed by Hello Games (a team with just 10 people at the base) had everything to be successful with its huge space universe and its exploration system. However, the road to success has been undermined by many difficult moments. Enlarge the atypical journey of a game that has always had the ambition to reach the moon…


  • A failed takeoff…
  • …for a successful landing.

A failed takeoff…

no man’s sky, the Hello Games project, made my mouth water: a grand sci-fi and retro space universe with exploration, crafting and survival. As we know, not everything went as planned. As a bad omen, a downpour hit Guildford in 2013 and flooded the studio on Christmas Eve. A city that you surely know if you have seen ours
JV legends about Peter Molyneux. However, the team’s PCs are taking on water. Hard drives are unrecoverable and so much of the project goes to waste.

After recovering from this incident, the hype No man’s sky reaches the whole world. The game offers sumptuous trailers that hint at an adventure never seen before. The head of the studio, Sean Murray, gets fired up. In particular, we were entitled to promises of a multiplayer mode which, as we will see, will not be kept when the title is released. On the other hand, in October 2015, the project fell victim to various leaks. There are rumors from reputable sources that the software is currently buzzing, and the PS4 version is fiddly. The console hardly takes the size of No Man’s Sky, so it’s the PC version that’s being shown for now. Concerns confirmed when JV is invited to test it in London. Indeed, although the game is a PlayStation exclusive, it is a PC version that is being offered to journalists. Moving on to the PS4 version, the difference is clear. The graphics don’t keep their promises and the trailers, not to mention the feeling of emptiness that emerges from the trial version.

No Man's Sky: Before Landing on the Moon, this reference was a disappointment for some players

The problems are piling up two weeks before the release of No man’s sky. First with some sold copies “fell off the truck” and then relisted. A copy went for 2000 euros on eBay. The owner will deliver the first unofficial test on Reddit. The latter denounces bugs that in particular allowed him to reach the end in two days, revealing the secrets and subtleties of the game from time to time. Next, Sean Murray is confronted with his lies in relation to multiplayer. For example, when one of the players digs the ground, the other player doesn’t see the changes from him. For one it is day and for the other it is night. These types of testimonials are on the rise. In this period there are also complaints that are filed with the Bureau of Advertising Verification, accusing the studio of having carried out false advertising.

…for a successful landing.

The parties involved in this fiasco took the path of forgiveness and decided to raise the bar. The machine has been busy since November 2016 with a series of free extensions, offered with exemplary regularity. Since its release, No man’s sky it has seen no fewer than 19 major updates. Just launch the game today to realize that the result is far beyond what was promised in 2013. Integrates the famous multiplayer mode, VR, base creation, mechas, ground vehicles, a better scripted quest, raids for 32 players, underwater worlds, tons of content… In short: a final product up to the initial ambitions of lo study. No man’s sky becomes popular and frequent again, and concurrent player peaks are reached quite quickly according to the updates. A great comeback that proves that a catastrophic start seals neither the future nor the potential of a game…

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