Diablo 4 : Blizzard répond aux critiques des donjons et du barbare de la bêta

Blizzard nous a invité à réaliser une nouvelle interview de l’équipe de développement de Diablo 4, Joe Shely, le directeur du développement, ainsi que Rod Fergusson, durant le lundi qui concluait l’accès anticipé de la bêta. C’était donc l’occasion de poser des questions générales sur le jeu, mais surtout, d’essayer d’obtenir quelques réponses sur leur … Read more

Counter Strike 2, finally made official by Valve, will be available next summer

Before its official release, the game will be tested with some of its fans who will be able to try out the new features starting March 22nd. The rumor had been on the rise for several days, now the information is official. Video game distributor Valve has just revealed that its popular Counter-Strike game, initially … Read more

Azeron Cyborg: the keyboard of the future?

While computer mice evolved at breakneck speed, keyboards never really experienced a revolution… until today? Exit the flat keyboard with its azerty keys and its space bar, give way to the keyboard of the future, the Azeron Cyborg. The principle? 28 keys, mouse switches and no keyboard switches, and two joysticks that surround the user’s … Read more