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On the opening day of the Salone del Camper (Fiere di Parma September 10-18) Toscana Promozione Turistica, as part of the project of Tuscan showcase, presents the book:Happy Camper in Tuscany – Recipes for Outdoor Travelers » a practical guide to typical cuisine, dedicated to those who choose to visit Tuscany by motorhome.

From pappa al pomodoro to mullet alla livornese, from labronico stew to testaroli by car, passing through penne alla renaiola and pici alla criciola: about twenty traditional recipes, two for each province, based on typical local products, adapted to the cuisine of campers and personally tested by the author: Chef Claudio Menconi, avid cook and camperwho in this vade-mecum has combined his professional experience with his great passion for four-wheel travel.

Not only recipes, but also advice on essential tools, suggestions on typical products not to be missed in a gastronomic cooking and lasting and valuable technical advice to optimize your cooking experience “on the road“: Like the hydration of pasta, marinating, also called “cold cooking”, to soften the muscle fibers and make the meat more tender and digestible and the cooking container, essential for soups, broths and moist are moving.

Plus, insights and anecdotes about the products used for the recipes. Tuscany has, in fact, a centuries-old gastronomic culture and certified products (DOP, IGP, PAT) guarantee their authenticity, origin and production according to strict regulations.

For Showcase Tuscanythe project of Region and Unioncamere combining typicality, authenticity of the territories and concern for the environment, gastronomy and wine is a #travel: moving, in fact, allows you to know new places and savor their typical products and dishes. For this reason, outdoor tourism is one of the modes of use par excellence: flexible, sustainable and safe, it is certainly a source of natural well-being thanks to the possibility of “disconnecting”, of relaxing in contact with nature and to satisfy the desire for freedom.

Cooking in a motorhome, buying local products while traveling, is a very “green” way that is in line with responsible tourism: it helps to drive the country’s economy and allows you to eat in a healthy way, seasonal, with zero km products. Ideal for discovering the excellence of the territory and typical dishes: a study “on the spot” which will also allow you to experiment, re-propose and share your travel experience with friends.

If you decide not to cook on board, Vetrina Toscana can advise you not only what to eat, but also where. On the site vetrina.toscana.it find the 1770 companies: restaurants, shops and producers, but also wine routes, cellars, breweries, oil mills and all those who offer food and wine experiencesas well as recipes and food and wine tours.

“Happy Camper in Tuscany – Recipes for Outdoor Travelers” is made in an A5 size, bound with a spiral, which allows you to comfortably keep the cookbook open, even in a kitchen of limited size. From September 14 it will be downloadable for free on the site www.vetrina.toscana.it.

The author

Claudio Menconi, Tuscan, born in Carrara, land of sculptors, has been a chef and cook decorator for thirty years. He is one of the most authoritative representatives at the international level in decoration and sculpture, a category for which he won the gold medal at the 2006 Cuisine World Cup in Luxembourg. A frequent guest on national television shows, he recently participated in various episodes of the RAI show Camper.

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