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A weekend at the monastery between concerts, readings, old recipes, walks…? In Emilia-Romagna you can

Visit a “spezieria” run by the monks; taste ancient recipes; listen to an organ concert or readings that tell the life of Matilde di Canossa; visit ancient abbeys, monasteries and churches. And still admire ancient treasures accompanied by art historians or walk the paths criss-crossed by pilgrims. These are just some of the intimate and original experiences you can enjoy on October 8 and 9, 2022 when the sacred places of Emilia-Romagna open. The initiative is “Open Monasteries”promoted by Apt Servizi Emilia-Romagna in collaboration with the Episcopal Conference of Emilia-Romagna and the Routes of Emilia-Romagna circuit, with the patronage of the National Office for the Pastoral of Free Time, Tourism and Sport of the CEI , know and promote the cultural, historical and religious heritage of the region.

The events are organized by the territories that have developed and promoted a qualified network of important collaborations and sponsorships, to name but a few: from the three Major Romées to the dioceses of Emilia-Romagna to the Center for the Study of Abbey of San Pietro in Modena and the Monastery of San Giovanni Evangelista in Parma (https://www.monasteriemiliaromagna.it/it/41-monasteri-aperti-Edizione-2022).


In the’Abbey of the Benedictine Fathers, Monastery of San Pietro in Modena, the monks organize meetings to accompany visitors to discover the archives, the monastery garden and the apothecary. The interesting documents kept in the monastery archives will be illustrated with references to the story of the apothecary of the Benedictine monks of San Pietro. It will also be possible to taste old recipes. The monastery is in the center of the city along Via Romea Strata Nonantolana Longobarda.


In the evocative spaces of Monastery of San Giovanni Evangelista in Parma it will be possible to meet Father Prior and visit the Monastery in the company of scholars and art historians who have followed the restoration, accompanied by the notes of an organ concert. The monastery is located in the heart of Parma and along the Via di Linari and the Via Francigena (https://www.monasteriemiliaromagna.it/it/offer/eventi/2756).

The visit toAbbey of San Basilide, Lesignano dei Bardi (Pr) it is linked to the figure of Matilda di Canossa. The church is located along Via di Linari and organizes for the occasion a concert of music from the 12th and 13th centuries that will accompany the theatrical narration of texts related to the figure of the great countess Maltilde (https://www.monasteriemiliaromagna.it/it/offer/eventi/2771).

Even the Convent of San Martino Maggiore, located in the heart of Bologna, it opens its doors to the public. You can visit the conventual complex and hear, from the voice of the person who restored it, the story of the singular history of the largest fresco in the city, 104 square meters, dedicated to the theology lesson of 1600 and located in the former library of the Convent, or experience a citizen pilgrimage also open to the Piccoli Romei and attend a concert of sacred music performed with the rare organ from the time of Cipri (1556). Via Mater Dei and Via degli Dei also depart from the center of Bologna to reach Tuscany (https://www.monasteriemiliaromagna.it/it/offer/eventi/2631).

Finally, the Monastery of Santa Caterina and Santa Barbara in Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn) organizes a visit to the structure with the presence of the nuns and some art specialists who will accompany the visitors to discover the monastic complex with the church, the caves and the old incorporated medieval street (https://www.monasteriemiliaromagna.it/it/offer/eventi/2793).

The initiative also includes the activity of other sites, such as churches, parishes and places of worship of particular value. The Church of San Francesco al Prato (Pr), for example, organizes the weekend of October 8-9, a meeting with the brothers who live in the monastery to find out how a Franciscan lives in 2022. In addition, the history of the old Gothic church will be told (https://www.monasteriemiliaromagna.it/it/offer/eventi/2560.)

An exclusive visit to Baptistery of Parma, magnificent monument, secular witness of the Christian faith with the cathedral, will allow you to admire and understand the symbolism of the three portals and the beautiful frescoes of the interior dome. A unique opportunity to also admire the Antelami exhibition and appreciate the beauty of the cycle of months and seasons (https://www.monasteriemiliaromagna.it/it/offer/eventi/2789).

For those who like to walk the visit of the Church of Sant’Apollinare di Maiolo (Rn) It’s linked at the Camino de San FrancescWhere. The Church of Sant’Apollinare preserves magnificent works from the 1400s. You can walk the stretch from Sant’Apollinare to Novafeltria on the first part of the third stage of the Camino di San Francesco from Rimini to La Verna. On the way there is a stop at the Oratory of San Rocco under the cliff of Maioletto, which allows you to enjoy a wide and exciting panoramic view of Valmarecchia (https://www.monasteriemiliaromagna.it/it/offer/eventi/2791).

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