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Acqualagna famous for its white truffle

Lat the 57th National Fair of Acqualagna White Truffle (Pu) is one of the main trade fairs in Italy dedicated to His Majesty the White Truffle. On October 23-29-30-31 and November 1-5-6-12-13, 2022 the appointment with the festival with a unique flavor returns, that of the famous Tuber Magnatum Pico and in large numbers for a territory that has stood out in the world as an economic district of the precious mushroom. There will be nine intense days in which Acqualagna invites visitors to immerse themselves in a centuries-old tradition through the great entertainment market at Palatartufflethe living room for cooking shows with starred chefs, delicious tastings at Ristotartufo, workshops for adults and children, research with expert truffle hunters, shows and culture, itineraries and exhibitions, sensory, visual and olfactory experiences as well as moments of great passion in the taste of a unique flavor, the most precious of this land.

Acqualagna White Truffle

Starred chef in the living room to taste

Among guest chefs from the Salotto da Gustare, YouTube star Max Mariola returns, the face of many Sky programs broadcast on Gambero Rosso and one of Italy’s most beloved and followed chefs. Gia` Ruscella d’Oro, friend of Acqualagna, the sympathetic chef of “Giorgione – Orto e Cucina” returns to the Salotto stage to be tasted for a new adventure with the Acqualagna Truffle. In the Gambero Rosso Channel television program, which takes place in Giorgione’s house, we see him as the protagonist of pleasant adventures both in the garden and in the kitchen, where he is always looking for the best ingredients to create delicious recipes. And then again, Errico Recanati (1 Michelin star) from the restaurant Andreina in Loreto and the chef Antonio Ciotola from “La taverna degli archi” in Belvedere Ostrense in the province of Ancona (in collaboration with the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired) . New appearance on stage by the great cuisine Federico Delmonte, chef originally from the Marches, who with his kitchen and his Roman restaurant Acciuga lights up a quiet street in the Prati district of the capital. Mattia Poggi, chef and host of numerous television shows, in Italy and abroad, with 12 years of experience and thousands of hours of television behind him, 2 published books and testimonials from numerous companies in the food sector. Richard Abou Zaki & Pierpaolo Ferracuti from the Retroscena restaurant, Porto San Giorgio – (1 Michelin star), Nikita Sergeev, young chef from Porto San Giorgio, won the prestigious Michelin star with the restaurant L’Arcade: a prize born of a long journey and tortuous, but full of passion, which consecrates him to the Olympus of starred chefs.

The good life

Gold stream 2022

The Grand Order of Acqualagna Creek will award the prestigious prize to Gennaro Esposito, acclaimed chef at La Torre del Saracino restaurant in Seiano, on the Sorrento coast, a reference in Italian cuisine. A great figure on the Italian gastronomic scene, he holds a total of 3 Michelin stars, two for Torre del Saracino and one for Mammà on the island of Capri.

Truffle in the kitchen

The truffles can be tasted in the best restaurants and at PalaTartufo in the new RistoTartufo space to make the moment dedicated to tasting unique, hosted by local chefs, committed to the preparation of new and traditional recipes, for a total of 300 places available to visitors. Also in the PalaTartufo the best productions related to truffles, crafts and typical products of the territory: large and small commercial realities of Marche and other Italian regions are exhibited and put on sale
their products, precious foods that tell of the experiences and differences of a rich and varied territory of the Bel Paese.

A classic of Italian cuisine: Acqualagna truffle tagliatelle celebrating its white truffle

A classic of Italian cuisine: truffle tagliatelle

60th Enrico Mattei Prize and Mattei the man, the entrepreneur

The 57th edition will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the death of Enrico Mattei born April 29, 1906 in Acqualagna. Founder and first president of Eni, Mattei was a great protagonist in the history of the international industrial system. Many initiatives will be implemented, including conferences, book presentations and a project on Mattei’s plate for the first time in the restaurant circuit: a series of events to honor the memory of the most illustrious citizen of ‘Acqualagna.

Sunday November 13, at 11 a.m., the volume ‘Bascapè, last act. The fascinating story and cruel destiny of a great Italian: Enrico Mattei’ by Alberto Marino (Aras Edizioni, 2022).

The National Prize “Enrico Mattei, city of Acqualagna: the man, the entrepreneur” will be awarded to the Antonio Conti Theater, created to reward the Marche entrepreneur who has distinguished himself and projected the company internationally.

In search of truffles listed as UNESCO heritage

The secret world of truffles envelops young and old alike in the magic of centuries of history and is revealed through the passion of expert truffle guides and the exceptional flair of their dogs, ready to guide visitors through a wonderful experience in close contact with nature. The
the search for the truffle, intangible heritage of Unesco, becomes an adventure suitable for families to try their hand at searching for the precious tuber by discovering the training methods and harvesting techniques.


The Salotto da Gustare returns to welcome the children in a space to experience and be passionate about good food. With the playful workshop Le Mani in Pasta – Cooking School for Children, organized by Antonio Bedini of the Professional Association of Italian Chefs, the little ones become great chefs. Through the game they test themselves to discover the beauty of preparation, the taste for creativity, the taste for curiosities. Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste are called to the call in an imaginary experience.

Acqualagna and surroundings

Those who visit Acqualagna to taste the sweetness and flavor of truffles are lucky to be in a territory rich in important testimonies historical, memories of a distant but always fascinating past. The key points for visiting the surroundings of the truffle capital are the Abbey of San Vincenzo, built in the 9th century by the Benedictine monks, the monumental remains of the ancient Via Flaminia from the 3rd century BC, the tunnel in the 76 AD rock commissioned by Emperor Vespasiano and the fortress of Candigliano, a long viaduct from the Augustan period, near the Gola del Furlo nature reserve, a unique biodiversity heritage. In the center: the Truffle Museum, the birthplace of Enrico Mattei, the Pitinum Mergens Antiquarium Museum.

Truffle Museum

In Piazza Enrico Mattei, the Truffle Museum tells the world of the truffle in a unique way: a multisensory and highly interactive approach transforms curiosities into real experiences thanks to digital technologies and virtual reality. It is one of the rare museums to treat the truffle at 360° and the connotation of “experience museum”Made it one of the first museums to project itself into the future of culture, transforming a universe of treasured traditions – from history to legends, from alchemy to cuisine – into concrete reality, understandable and at hand.

The search for truffles, Unesco heritage Acqualagna celebrates for its white truffle

The search for truffles, Unesco heritage

Motorhome stop

The Pesaro Camping Club will manage the reception of tourists in motorhomes at the point adjacent to the Fair. The area includes guarded parking with free use of the attached free motorhome, entrance to the Fair, reduced entrance to the Truffle Museum, entrance to the Antiquarium Pitinum Mergens Museum; entry to the birthplace of Enrico Mattei; visit to the Gola del Furlo State Nature Reserve with free shuttle; discount on the purchase of truffle products; 10% discount at RistoTartufo. Black truffle menu in the space of the Pro Loco Acqualagna (18 euros).


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