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Aesthetics, safety, durability: the cornerstones of disposable food packaging

THEL packaging it increasingly represents a fundamental element in winning over and astonishing its customers. The attention to detail it is often the basis of the success of hospitality and catering establishments, which are looking for solutions adapted to the different needs for an irreproachable service. Reliability, competence, preparation and experience are in the DNA of Hotel Supplies Rosa company active since 1984 in the search for articles and equipment for hotels, bars and restaurants.

For nearly 40 years, it has worked alongside professionals to offer the best items and equipment to welcome and serve customers. The food packaging for clubs, restaurants and hotels it is particularly used not only for the carrybut also on the occasion of events and street food.

Today, operators and end users pay particular attention to containers and boxes, which are studied with great care to accommodate recipes and culinary preparations. The aspect related to is certainly not secondary food safety. The health emergency caused by the pandemic has made it possible to put in place all the necessary precautions to guarantee the best procedures in the storage, packaging and transport of products.

The good life

“Even in the packaging sector, we have put all our experience and knowledge of materials into play, in order to select the best partners on the market”, says Michele Pezzotta, commercial director of Ros Hotel Supplies. “We have always accompanied our customers with the most interesting solutions to produce, store, transport and deliver dishes and food”.

Michele Pezzotta

Michele Pezzotta

Food safety and quality therefore represent a winning combination and one of the most critical aspects is represented by need to deliver the dishes ordered in the best conditions, using containers at the height of the situation. The first impact is clearly visual and, before being able to enjoy a takeaway meal, it is inevitable to dwell on the aesthetic aspect of the container, as well as on the content.

Aesthetics, safety, durability: the cornerstones of disposable food packaging

Ros puts the customer at the center

Ros is an avant-garde company, always in tune with the times, in the sector of selected supplies for the hotel, catering and catering industry, thanks to a close-knit team. “For more than 38 years we have been selecting suppliers and products for the hospitality world and over time we have composed a catalog with more than 15 thousand references“, emphasizes Michèle Pezzotta. “Ros listens to customers, to grow with them and achieve ever more ambitious goals”.

Aesthetics, safety, durability: the cornerstones of disposable food packaging

For more details on the products distributed by Ros, you can visit the Zanica headquarters, in the province of Bergamo, or the new showroom in Milan (by appointment) via Privata Gaspare Bugatti 13, near via Tortona.

Customers also have the opportunity to view more than one thousand square meters of exhibition across a virtual reality tourwhich allows you to comfortably enter the company remotely, via the site ros.bergamo.it. You will be able to discover the entire showroom by walking along the aisles and concentrating on each detail of each object present. The proposals range from the kitchen to the bar, from catering to mise en place, from delivery to hotels, from pizzerias to sanitary facilities.

Still from the company portal, you can download the catalog relating to the range of disposable products. Ros Forniture Alberghiere has a multi-brand assortment capable of adapting to all the needs of hotel and public companies, offering practical, professional and elegant products. From breakfast to dinner, in the physical or virtual exhibition space, you can find all the references that suit the individual entrepreneur, without neglecting the theme of sustainability and the fight against waste.

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