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All the news of Bake Off Italia which fiercely reaches its tenth edition

Bake Off Italia, the show dedicated to amateur pastry chefs, returns with the tenth edition on Real Time and Discovery +, on September 2. Advances.

If there’s one thing we think will never change Bake Italy is Benedetta Parodi. The TV host has taken on Italy’s most-watched baking show with ease since the first season, which first appeared on Real Time TV in 2013. Then alongside her were the equally stainless pastry chef Ernst Knam and Il Cucchiaio D’Argento magazine editor Clelia D’Onofrio. The finale of the first series attracted 1,536,000 viewers (5.36% share), continuing the run of the program until the current tenth season which will be broadcast on September 2, 2022 still in Real Time. In the meantime, viewers have become loyal to the format, holding steady at 3%, but TV has also been joined by Discovery+, subscriber streaming which sends a digital preview of Bake Off episodes days before they’re due. disembark. on TV.

The news

Bake Italy

There are not many shows that last until the tenth edition (if we exclude the programs directed by Maria De Filippi, which are a strange and strange case of Italian television). Even if we compare it to MasterChef, the cooking show that paved the way for all the others and closed the eleventh season in March 2022 with practically the same numbers as Bake Off (and you, we know, you thought that there were many many more), it seems that we talk about it much less.

To reach the tenth race in one go, something has to change, without everything being turned upside down and Bake Off keeping that naive, shiny, serious but light style that has always made it pleasant and undemanding, at least for its viewers. because for competitors looks like a nightmare. As Benedetta Parodi said in an interview in the September issue of La Cucina Italiana “there will be a great return to traditions after years of experimentation. The great classics will be prepared: apple pie, babà, Saint-Honoré. There is a desire for traditional recipes, for authenticity“. How boring do you say? But not so much. If you say so, it’s because you missed the episode of the ninth season in which the contestants baked doll cakes, cakes with barbies glued to the insides thought out by a perverted mind. No thanks, go for the baba.

The question Clelia D’Onofrio and Tommaso Foglia

I admit that at the beginning I did not understand anything and I was ready to cry the abandonment of Clelia D’Onofrio, the cultural part of the show. But that’s not the case: pastry chef Tommaso Foglia has “simply” joined the ranks of the judges. Originally from Nola, born in 1990, he worked both in Campania and abroad and then landed in television. D’Onofrio remains to tell the story, the ingredients and the evolutions that are usually used during the rehearsals of the program in what seem to be the notes on the sidelines of the program. She will declare it herself in the first episode: “I chose to take some time off to refresh my soul as a journalist and writer” he said.

The competitors

This year the competitors who compete in the most absurd and complicated culinary skills in circulation, with negligible times to make very complicated sixteen-tier cakes, once without a recipe, once without ingredients, once without tools , will be 16 and not 20 as in the ninth season (and to think that in the first there were only 9!). There is also talk of a new space, the tent, modernized and enriched. But you will tell me if it is really in furniture and upholstery that we want to entertain ourselves.

The price

Once upon a time, programs only made money in gold tokens. Then there were the state taxes which amounted to billions of old liras, so the winner went home with his hands in the bag, but no one paid attention. This season, the winner will be entitled to a supply of 50 kilos of chocolate and a professional pastry course in a “haute cuisine” school. Just think that in season 8, Sara Moalli made those 50 kilos of chocolate enough as a prize, the only one. For the first 4 years, contestants won book deals with Rizzoli. Do we want to talk about titles? Here they are: sweets of the heart, sweets born of a dream, sweets, sweet occasions. Then you say the books don’t sell and nobody reads anymore.

And I dust off this little gem from the meanders of the internet. In 2017, Carlo Beltrami, winner of the fifth edition of Bake Off, would also have had the right to have a book published. Which, however, never saw the light of day. He himself explained why on his page: “the book was only ostensibly a prize, even in previous editions, but in reality it was an editorial initiative that allowed the winner to have their own recipes published. Practically a publishing house made the business proposal to the winner, and if he accepted, the book was done… now, what reward did I say to myself?! I should have thought of every recipe, ingredient, realization… and for what profit?!?! Ridiculous, ask the other winners too!!! Added to this is the fact that for several years now the web has been more successful than the written press, so no publishing house has offered it, not judging it to be more advantageous for you.“. Everything is not very clear to me, but for those who want there is the full post.

The biggest news

But perhaps the juiciest news is that to pay homage to this decade, we’ll be following Bake Off episodes with a “commentary” right here on Dissapore which will be released the day after the episode premiered on Real Time. It’ll never be as epic as Valentina Dirindin’s newsletters for MasterChef, but I promise you at least half of her commitment and skill in creating photomontages. See you soon!

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