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All the ways to cook lamb

Lamb with baked potatoes or in a saucepan it is a great classic but, due to the goodness of this meat, there is an obligation to go further. Only thelamb it can become the protagonist of many other more or less rich and full-bodied but all tasty recipes. Which ones to try? Here is a selection ad hoc.

  1. Lamb in a crust. A refined dish, much simpler and quicker than you might think, ready less than half an hour. A great idea for the Sunday lunch but also for the Easter holidays. Breading is prepared with grated bread and aromatic herbs, baking takes place in the pan or in the oven and its flavor is delicate and at the same time decisive. The smell? Wonderful.
  2. Lamb in sauceLamb with potatoes in sauce. A reinterpretation of the classic lamb with potatoes. The sauce can also be reused the next day to season pasta as it is flavored with a mixture of carrots, celery, onions and bay leaves. The procedure is very simple, the cook in a pot requires Approximatly one hour but totally worth it.
  3. Lamb stew with apple rice pilaf. Also he Lamb stew it is a traditional dish but here we offer one reinterpretation in an exotic keyto be exact inspired by the indian cuisine. Ingredients such as ginger, cardamom, turmeric and almond flour not only give an excellent aroma but also a very special taste. This is a recipe for those who have a bit of experience in the kitchen and who also know how to arm themselves with patience. The end result, however, is 10 and praise.
  4. Lamb chops stuffed with herbs on cream of peas. Do you believe this dish is prepared in just 20 minutes and is it also very simple? Well, trust me. It’s a different way to cook them than usual Lamb chops. The ingredient that we could define as unexpected is the turkey pulp, which is mixed with cream: it fits perfectly. The bed of pea cream it is also another touch of class.
  5. Lasagna with lamb stew. It’s not automatic to combine lasagna with a stew prepared with lamb, but we assure you that the combo works very well. A robust spring dish to serve in Easter period but also for the Sunday lunch. Also in this case, the flavorings – including thyme, rosemary and fennel – play an important role as they perfume and sweeten the flavor of the lamb. Between preparation and cooking, they serve about two hours.
  6. Sardinian lamb. In Sardiniathe lamb is cooked with potatoes and artichokes although it should be noted that there are several variations of this recipe: such as those with green olives or lemon and eggs. In any case, a distinctive element is the myrtle, typical of the island. Its aroma is incomparable.
  7. Lamb Roman style. To Romeinstead, lamb meat is flavored with a mince made from desalted anchovies, rosemary and vinegar. Anchovies, yes. And we assure you that the marriage is perfect. Before cooking in a potthe lamb must be flavored for at least an hour with a mixture of rosemary, sage, salt, pepper and oil.
  8. Lamb meat balls. lovers of Meatballs, related: these are absolutely worth trying. To be enjoyed both as second course so delicious appetizer bites. Ground lamb meat is tossed with soaked bread, eggs, pecorino cheese and an aromatic hash. The cooking is done in the ovenwhich gives a result lighter than frying. It is strongly recommended to accompany the lamb meatballs with a little sauce: like tzatzikiGreek specialty.
  9. Lamb tagine with prunes and almonds. A dish of African origin to be served in the typical terracotta container from which it takes its name and which allows slow and even cooking, based on the exploitation of heat. The meat is flavored with onions, ginger and cumin; later, grilled eggplant, drained plums and toasted almonds are also added. A combination of flavors that for us Westerners can be bizarre but gives great satisfaction.
  10. Lamb eggs and lemon. Like all lamb dishes, this one is also reminiscent of the Easter, but basically it’s perfect any time of the year. It’s a recipe typical of Central Italy, little known in the rest of the boot. And the gap needs to be filled urgently because lemon and egg custard go well with lamb. Some initial hesitations are understandable but must be overcome immediately. Once you’ve taken the first step, there’s no going back: shall we bet?

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