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Aria di San Daniele is back

Wine and food heritage Italian is like a jewelry box. Each territory and each people has unique and very precious pearls, which however, in addition to being strongly rooted in the place where they were born, belong to the whole country. Telling them, promoting them, encouraging encounters is a duty. For some a great passion. Among these certainly the San Daniele Ham Consortium, which closed the summer (and a big event at home) decided to leave for a tour along the southernmost coasts of Italy. A challenge for Aria di San Daniele, or perhaps even better a wonderful adventure that will occupy almost all of autumn, from September 27 to November 10, in several places and times.

A project that goes beyond the flavor itself and becomes almost philosophical. This is surely in the intentions and desires of those who have wanted and organized it since 2017. “Aria di San Daniele represents an important opportunity for the Consortium to make the values ​​of San Daniele PDO known and appreciated within the one of the main sectors, the Ho.Re.Ca.” he claims Mario Emilio Cichetti, director general of the institution, addressing the most important points of this long-standing journey. “The first four editions of the tour, launched in 2017, generated more than 200 aperitif parties in the main Italian cities” and it was from these successes that they actually decided to restart, putting aside the stop , delays and reboots due to covid. Almost a new beginning before energy and beauty.

When choosing a new beginning, reinforces the skills acquired over time. Also in the next. The traveling gastronomic tour, in fact, left Rome last March and, in the spring, reached the cities of Turin, Bergamo, Milan and Verona. A trip to northern Italy which then expanded to the big event organized in San Daniele itself, in August. Three important days in which we stopped and took stock, touching on the art and tradition of ham factories, what San Daniele Dop is today and its importance in an increasingly oriented towards the standardization of flavors and the cancellation of specificities. From here then, full of new strength and a lot to say, Aria di San Daniele will set off again for a crackling autumn.

Direction noon. That is to say, a nice straight arc towards three well-defined and well-defined gastronomic and agri-food traditions, not always closely linked to butchery and for this reason perhaps the most fascinating challenge. A single event divided in time and space. It starts in Palermo (September 27-29) then moves to Bari from October 11-13 and ends in Naples from November 8-10.

Friulano, Ribolla and… San Daniele: the best combinations

by Lara DeLuna

With a calendar really very dense, Aria di San Daniele “will be articulated through a series of events organized in selected places – restaurants, wine bars and taverns – to present and promote Prosciutto di San Daniele DOP to consumers and operators in the sector Ho.Re. . California.”. Tastings that will take place both in purity, sliced ​​by machine or knife, and in the full spirit of contamination, reinterpreted in the recipes offered by the locals. “A unique opportunity to know the characteristics and distinctive qualities that are hidden in each slice of San Daniele ham”.


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