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At the Barbera Fish Festival, success for Stockfish & Baccalà Challenge

THEon the occasion of the fifth edition of Barbera Fish Festivalorganized by Barbera Aglianowith the patronage of the Municipality of Agliano Terme and in collaboration with, among others, the Norwegian Seafood Councilthe culinary competition took place Stockfish & Cod Challenge. A competition that saw the participation of young future chefs compete on Norwegian fish excellences – stockfish and cod – with those of the village of the province of Asti. Now in its fifth editionthe Piedmontese event is the appointment dedicated to the encounter between Norwegian cod and Barbera d’Asti: a combination that grows stronger every year, consolidating more and more the twinning, not only culinary, but also cultural between the Italy and Norway.

The winners of the Stockfish and the Baccalà Challenge

Each team made two plates

Stockfish & Baccalà Challenge saw the participation of third-year students from five hotel schools in Piedmont and Liguria: Alba Hotel Academy from Alba, CIOFS-FP Piedmont from Alessandria, C.IA.C “Ferdinando Prat” from Ivrea, Is.For.Coop from Varazze and AFP Colline Astigiane from Agliano Terme, headquarters of the competition. Each team created two dishes: one with cod (Klippfisk, salted and dried cod) and one with stockfish (Stockfish, dried cod), highlighting the differences between the two types of fish and combining them with local products , including of course also the Barbera d’Asti.

Stockfish & Cod Challenge judges

The chefs judge the contest Davide Paluda (Restaurant All’Enoteca di Canale, 1 Michelin star), Ivano Richchebonoambassador of the Norwegian Stockfish (The Cook Restaurant in Genoa, 1 Michelin star) e Dag Tjersland (Skur 33 – Trattoria Di Mare, Salomé, Spaghetteria Oslo and Signalen Sjøbad).

The good life

The winners

The race was won by the Is. For school team. Varazze Cooperative composed by Daniele Delfino and Emanuele Barisone who presented respectively the buttoned Barbera and buridda, made with cod, and the Scrocchiarelle di brandacujun made with cod: two truly innovative and elaborate recipes that have been able to best enhance the unique flavor cod and Norwegian stockfish with Barbera d’Asti. A special mention goes to the student Martina Amato from the Agliano Hills Vocational Training Agency who, with her dish Passione di Baccalà, obtained the highest score of all time, conquering the palate of all the judges.

Celebrate once again the strong bond between Italy and Norway

“It was a real pleasure to be present at the Barbera Fish Festival to celebrate once again the strong bond that unites Italy and Norway – he said. Gunvar Lenhard Wie, Italian Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council – The students of the five hotel schools were able to make the most of the characteristics of Norwegian stockfish and cod, managing to combine traditions with new creative ways of cooking these unique products. Discover these innovative dishes, using ingredients linked to Norwegian and Italian traditionmakes us understand how the culinary and cultural pairing is more alive than ever and that we have a new generation of chefs carrying on the tradition. »

Below are the two winning recipes of the Stockfish & Cod Challenge contest:

Barbera and Buridda Abbottonati

Brandacujun’s Scrocchiarelle


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