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At the castle of Strassoldo di Sopra where time has stood still

Tovintage furniture, country chic ambiancereception class: in Strassoldo di Sopra Castle (Ud) you can spend the night in five elegant and refined holiday homes lodging, obtained from the renovation of old buildings located in its park. The mansion, together with its twin Castello di Sotto, is the heart of the charming village of Bassa Friulana to whom he gives his name, who recently joined the association of The most beautiful villages in Italy: a unicum of great beauty and ancient history, a stone’s throw from the Unesco cities of Palmanova and Aquileia and the sea of ​​Grado.

Houses surrounded by greenery and history

With private garden and access to the main park of the castle, the houses are fully equipped and furnished with many carefully restored antique or salvage furniture and decorations and have a capacity ranging from 2 to 8 beds. To the north of the complex are Casa Rambaldo, Casa Artuico, Casa La Vicinia (3 charming old stone houses juxtaposed, each with an independent garden). On the south side, however, there are Early medieval Ottonian tower (which is the oldest part of the castle complex) and the Rice field: it was the old mill – whose big wheel still exists – where rice was once processed, it has 8 beds and is rented exclusively.

A small world of relaxation

The castle is a place of enchantment surrounded by clear, shallow resurgence waters, where long filaments of very green aquatic plants sway – almost a pre-dawn picture: sinking into the mountains, after a long journey underground they emerge fresh here, in the plains. A small world that invites relaxation, reading, the pleasure of moving outdoors or enjoying a sunbath in the green, detoxifying from the frenetic pace of contemporary life.

Small ancient world at the castle of Strassoldo di Sopra

Here time seems suspended and lush nature embraces secular stones: the 18th century park with Baroque decorative elements, including a beautiful well with a wrought iron crown, a boxwood parterre and an imposing orangery with high stone columns, the brolo, the orchard garden with fruit trees and a beautiful fountain from the 17th century, now embellished with roses, lavender, aromatic herbs and tall trees.


The two castles of Strassoldo were built in one strategic location, where the Via Iulia Augusta (which led from Aquileia towards the Norico) crossed two other important Roman arteries, the Via Annia and the Via Postumia. Although already in the 6th century there is talk of the existence on the site of a mansion called “Delle due torri”, the current complex dates back to the early medieval period and has always belonged to the Strassoldo (who still live there today ), a noble family belonging to the class of free feudal lords of probably Frankish or Lombard origin, one of the oldest and most important families present in the Parliament of the Fatherland of Friuli.

Small ancient world at the castle of Strassoldo di Sopra

The scene of multiple military events, long disputed for its strategic position, it was repeatedly damaged and rebuilt: its current form dates back to the 18th century, when the two buildings were renovated and then adapted into a country residence. Among the old buildings, part of the exterior and interior walls, the two gates, the two masti and the Ottoniana tower still remain today.

Among the curiosities of which Strasoldo is really rich, it suffices to cite one: the The noble church in front of the entrance to the Castello di Sopra served as the setting for the wedding of Feldmaresiallo Radetzsky with Francesca Romana Strassoldoancestor of the current owner, Countess Gabriella, who keeps – among the many souvenirs – also the recipe book with the very detailed description of many recipes.

Meet at the Castle

Throughout the year, the owner Gabriella Williams of Strassoldo he personally welcomes the groups already organized and leads them on a tour of the entire castle. But the castle of Strassoldo di Sopra has also been open for 24 years on the occasion of two enchanting events, “Magical spring weaves“(Palm Sunday) and”Magical Autumnal Weaves(third weekend of October), which this year will be held on October 14, 15 and 16. Decorated with imaginative autumnal decorations which are one of the most admired attractions of the event, the interiors and the green spaces will welcome more than 100 master craftsmen, artists and nurserymen of excellence personally selected by the hostess.

When nature stages its last enchanting act before winter hibernation, the advance of autumn and its warm colors will make the event even more evocative. The master craftsmen will offer you decorations and furnishings for the house and the garden, clothes with precious and natural fabrics, hats and bags of all shapes, carpets and scarves worked on the loom, jewelery and costume jewelery in gold , silver, metals and precious stones, pearls and more, creations in wire, paper, leather, iron, boiled wool, wood, ceramics, wax and many other refined objects. Precious and original objects, fruits of creativity and know-how, which can be purchased to make Christmas gifts that are not insignificant and difficult to find elsewhere. The presence of some of the best Italian nurseries will also be important, with rare, old and particular plants, who will also be happy to give valuable advice.

They won’t fail small artisan businesses with chocolates, ice cream cakes, biscuits and pastries, first fruits from the garden and their derivatives, prosecco and award-winning wines, extra virgin olive oil from Umbria, cheeses from Franciacorta, balsamic vinegar from Modena and special seasonings obtained from the processing of peppers grown in Friuli.

Delicacies and refined and quick dishes can be enjoyed in two neat refreshment bars in the shade of hundred-year-old trees. The event – which will take place in complete safety in compliance with anti-Covid regulations – will also take place in the event of rain, since most exhibitors will be accommodated inside the castle and those abroad will be protected by large gazebos, such as use for these campaign initiatives.

Strassoldo di Sopra Castle
Via dei Castelli 21 – 33052 Strassoldo (Ud)
Tel 328 7956140


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