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Autumn in the Alps discovering tastes and traditions

D.for millennia the peoples of Alps greet the end of summer with parties, festivals and banquets to exorcise the long winter that is coming with the first cold spells and shorter days. Settembre in hill è un mese di vendemmia dedicato ovunque ai piaceri di Bacco e della buona tavola, ma per i montanari è il momento di abbandonare gli alpeggi in alta quota per riportare “in mobilità dolce” gli armenti in valle, prima che li sorprenda la snow. “September, let’s go, it’s time to migrate,” sang D’Annunzio. The journey is long and demanding and the shepherds face it together on the inaccessible paths to form festive caravans of men and animals. Lower, I villages they prepare to welcome them with songs and dances: families gather and the milk, the nectar of the mountains from which the most delicious cheeses are obtained thanks to the fragrant mountain pastures, flows in the rivers.

These traditions they are still alive and practiced in many locality who join the international Alpine Pearls circuit, created in 2006 to bring together some of the most beautiful destinations in the Alps under the common sign of tourism with a low ecological footprint, focused on sustainable mobility and reinforced by great attention to the use of local products.

Desmontegar’s Great Feast

The party in Desmontegar

In the pearl of Trentino of Primiero di Castrozza, at the foot of the famous altarpieces of San Martino, the return to the valley (“desmontegar”) of dairy cows, heifers, calves, sheep and horses will be celebrated for four consecutive days with a Desmontegar’s Great Feast (September 29 – October 2) which includes a rich program of initiatives scattered in each hamlet: cattle shows, guided tours of farms and farmhouses, food stalls, workshops for the little ones and, finally, the unmissable and participatory desmontegada where the animals parade decorated through the streets of the town.

The good life

From Cogne to Alpe Cimbra, up to Puzzone di Moena

In the same days also the pearl of Valle d’Aosta of bangs celebrates the return of the shepherds with the traditional Deveteya (October 1-2), a weekend of fashion shows and delicious gastronomic entertainment.

To Folgaria on Alpe Cimbra, an ancient Germanic island in the heart of Trentino, the now famous is staged Part Brava (October 2), a pharaonic costume parade with more 600 figurines, allegorical floats, folk orchestras, choirs, tastingsas well as workshops, markets, games of yesteryear, entertainment and guided excursions.

Brava Part Autumn in the mountains to enjoy seasonal fruits

Part Brava

The peasant kitchen

In South Tyrol, the festival of flavors continues at Moso in Passiria with weeks dedicated to Peasant cuisine in Alta Val Passiria (September 23 – October 9) during which five hotels in the valley will offer you local specialties in the typical and warm atmosphere of the Tyrolean Stuben. Dishes are prepared with authentic, locally produced ingredients, such as pure hay milk and game hunted in the dense woods that surround the structures, and range from delicious roasts to fine Austrian pastries.

Country cuisine Autumn in the mountains to savor seasonal fruitsThe peasant kitchen

On the same days, the isolated Val di Funes celebrates a local excellence that is arousing more and more interest among gourmets: the sheep with glasses (Villnösser Brillenschaf), whose delicate meats will be offered in imaginative recipes by the restaurateurs of the valley, from September 29 to October 8. The program is enriched with excursions and educational moments to get to know local productions and traditions up close and experience the pleasures of the palate with greater awareness.

Excellencies of Val di Funes Autumn in the mountains to enjoy seasonal fruits

Excellencies of the Val di Funes


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