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Autumn on the table, discovering seasonal dishes: the best DIY recipes

Fall is a time of change. The the climate is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and our eating habits are also changing. There are actually several foodsthe seasonal ones begin to appear, dandor all the possibility of preparing unique and tasty dishes. It’s all about the ingredients delicious that can be used to prepare receipts autumnthe for the whole family, which we will discover together just today.

Products And dishes typicalthe of thethe fall season

Many are gathered this season foodlike pumpkins, casetagne, mushrooms, turnips and eicspoiled. Each of these ingredients lends itself to the preparation of piayouyou simple and tasty, perfect for all occasions, especially to warm up in a season that brings with it the first cold. Also, I’m very dirtyutari and help maintain the line, in addition to being perfect for strengthening the immune system and to protectYes seasonal ailments.

We start with the pumpkins, excellent for the preparation of sweet and savory dishes, and carry on with chestnuts, perfect for makingwith tasty headlightsborn where a polenta. The mushrooms, so yesI reveal the gods great protagonists of autumn, fantastic for a starter or side dish, being the kings of versatility. Balet’s mention for example the porcini mushrooms, accompanied by a risotto. As for the turnips, inInstead, they are usually used as an ingredient for various soups and soups,myselfbetween cabbage can be estruttato to prepare savory pies or pasta dishes (like stuffed cabbage).

How to prepare fall dishes in a do-it-yourself version, yeswithout increasing the inconvenienceumi minions? In order not to weigh on the household expenses and in particular on the consumption in the kitchen, it is good opyouare for inexpensive recipes that don’t require a lot of time nor energy expenditure excessiveWhere in the stove. To so i proposedwith cooking potRabbi it may be useful to read about foperation of specific plates, or on the consumption of the induction plate, for example, through the lAndtura of some articles about it, therefore of have a clearer vision of the possible savings that can be made in the long term.

We couldn’t then do not mention other musts such as chanterelle mushrooms and delicious truffles, as well as dried fruits, verzat and leeks. THEfinally in this list must be enteredrituals andh and other foods, such as pomegranates, the apples, and honey, which can become a valuable ally non only at the table, but also for the ownat health.

Land best recipes Fhave you for meAutumn

Among the best recipes for the fall seasonAnd faceyesbe sure to be porcini mushroom risotto, this the mushroom and sausage noodles. These ulyoutime, I am a first perfect for a any family lunch or a dinner with friends: the conditionI wanted to sayWhere very tasty, può be personalized according to at willty of the ospiti or the hostsWith theutilizezo ulfor examplea little crème fraîche, which will make the dish creamierI know. For those who wish to make a recipe with a little extra character, however, He suggestsrisk thein addition tothe Saffron at the end cshutterat.

To be continued, sì also at the minepearl barley king e cream pastato from castagneither; while for the second, we recommend that you opt for of the pumpkin cutletsa prescription Easybe realized and too in good health, so adatta to anyone. This dish, in factty, can also be served as antipasto, or combined with other side dishes. The pumpkin, with the whole peel, is cut into slicesseasoned with oil and breaded with panotstriped, pinkMarineatglio, pepper and nutmeg. A Volta cooked iI everything, not restjust lick his mustache.

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