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Back to the office? Charcuterie and fruits to relieve the stress of the return

VSon the summer holidays already archived it’s time to get back to the daily routine and it’s never easy to be able to adapt to all the commitments and activities of the day. The back to the officein this very time of agile working for many it can be a source of great stress and it often falls on thePower source with the risk of starting or returning to bad habits. Indeed, it often happens that one or more meals, mainly breakfast and lunch, are skipped out of haste or disorganization, with the consequent increase in stress factors.

No to prolonged fasting

Do not eat for several hours, especially immediately after forced night fast, it can reduce lucidity and the ability to concentrate, as well as often causing the onset of troublesome gastrointestinal disorders such as heartburn, reflux and abdominal swelling. This triggers a vicious circleor which can only increase nervousness and fatigue.

To stop this process, a few simple solutions come to our rescue that can be prepared in advance or quickly to make meals that are quick, but at the same time tasty, nutritious and complete.

The good life

The winning mix of fruit and charcuterie

“To start the day with taste and energy, for breakfast you can, for example, prepare one or two toast made with slices of cereal bread with mixed seeds, apple slices, speck and fontina. All spent on the plate or in a pan for a few minutes, just long enough to brown the bread and melt the cheese. The apple is a fruit that goes wonderfully with savory flavors and the association with speck is found, in fact, in many traditional recipes, but almost never offered for the first meal of the day. The combined consumption of the ingredients of the toast guarantees both a balance of nutrients, as well as satiety and palatability. The ideal would be to have breakfast always seated at the table and with the necessary calm, but the toasts also lend themselves to being taken on the way from home to the office, especially if you walk around to take advantage of all the opportunities to move a bit and reduce the time spent sitting, another stressor that should not be underestimated,” he said. Erminia Ebnernutritional biologist.

Quick and healthy lunch

The lunch at the office or at home in Smart working it can also become a source of tension due to the limited time available for both preparation and consumption. This sometimes means foregoing the break altogether or sticking to the bare minimum with a hasty “spizzicato” snack in front of the PC. In this way, however, often incomplete and unbalanced solutions are chosen which, in most cases, exclude entire categories of foods essential to a healthy diet such as vegetables and fruits. To solve this dilemma, the mixed salads which constitute real unique dishes come to meet us with recipes often rich in imagination and taste.

An idea for a quick and easy lunch which can be packaged the day before and stored in the refrigerator is that of a diced salad. To achieve this, they need spelled, lentils, songino, arugula and many cubes of carrots, salami and kiwi. Everything can be seasoned raw with extra virgin olive oil (flavored with spices or aromatic herbs), added at the time of consumption. Especially rich in fiber and iron, even a small portion of this salad satisfies and provides the right energy to face the afternoon hours at the office, those most affected by the fatigue accumulated in the first part of the day and the hours of light which are always shortened by more. The kiwi is a fruit rich in substances with digestive power and which allows a faster use of the precious animal proteins of the salami and the vegetable proteins of the lentils. It is also a source of ascorbic acid or vitamin C which aids in the absorption of heme iron from hunter salami and non-heme iron which is rich in lentils and arugula,” Ebner concluded.


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