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Bake Off Italia 2022 seen by Dissapore: the highlights of the fourth episode

Our summary of the fourth episode of Bake Off Italia 2022, with highlights, judges, competitors and eliminated.

Here we are back, with a slight but justified delay, to sweeten one of the most fetid weeks in the Republic of Tiramisu. It just aired there fourth episode of Bake Italy 2022, which reassured our minds and bodies with a series of seemingly harmless tests on the snack. It might not have been the most heart-pounding show ever, but we’re pretty sure our recap will make it much, much hotter.

Theme and curtains

Bake Off Italy fourth episode

I don’t know how many readers know that pastry chef Ernst Knam was born in the German town of Tettnang in the Baden-Württemberg region. Perhaps this is where you have to wonder what the inhabitants of Tettnang would think when they saw how Italian television treated one of their most famous compatriots. It’s not so much and not only the theme song, in which the face is covered in powdered sugar, but the many curtains that follow that make each episode incomparable.

Bread butter and jamBake Off fourth episode (

It’s a seraphic Clélia that recounts the origins of baby boomers’ most beloved snack while the bread is entrusted to the story of beloved Fulvio Marino, the one to whom it seems truly impossible to find fault.

A Usual Roundup of Unlikely Phrases

Chiara courageously prepares to face the ordeal by declaring herself a serial baker. He does it by saying this “when I got the CDI, I offered myself an oven”. Subtext: but won where, in the lottery? Riccardo follows who is asked if he has ever baked bread at home, a question to which he answers “yes, my mum makes it”, an answer that we would only understand if he had just passed the age of five years.

The first judgment

Bake Off fourth episode (2)

The first try ends in a sober way, with an alternation of “grudo” and “sciapo” and a small but not insignificant series of faces by Fulvio Marino. I wrote this comment from Foglia: “Can we bring a truck of salt to Tuscany?” which puts an end to the Tuscan pride of bland bread. After all, says Boris “the Tuscans devastated this country”.

Rottolonen and rottolini

Bake Off fourth episode (5)

With the second test, we enter straight into the land of language shaming that Knam seems to handle with enviable skill, as if to say “I don’t care about myself. You don’t even know how to tell a stuffing from a stuffing”. This is why we are going to prepare a Bake Off classic for you: the rottolonen (here I think there is the n) but to be made in several rottolini (here it seems to me that the n is jumping, sorry I don’t chew well).

The reappearance of drawings

Bake Off fourth episode (3)

Whenever Geometry, Chemistry, and Mathematics return, it’s obvious that nonsense will fly over the marquee roof and back. This marquee bustling with the tones and music of Bridgerton who, we mean, how much damage has Bridgerton done to brains around the world? Trying to figure out how to make rottolini with gremosa grema is an anthology of drawings, pencils, and (mostly wrong) advice.

Alessio, a myth

Bake Off fourth episode (6)

This competitor remains a myth, a surreal character who will bring prestige and joy to the tenth season. Suffice to say that at a certain moment, from which we do not know, he pulls out a fan to also fan his collar. Alessio has never prepared any of the desserts for any event, he cries, laughs, it’s a whiff of anxiety, euphoria, but also tenderness. Like when he says “Gine, would you like to Italianate it for me?” i.e. the dessert recipe. To then admit it”, she explained to me. But I didn’t understand anything he said to me.

The cordless phone

Bake Off fourth episode (7)

It’s at the end of the event that the judges, in provincial pose, speculate that someone is dispensing guidelines on how to handle receipts, leading a well-identified group of contestants to awkward results. From here you can understand why of these most sacred rolls “some are as big as frankfurters, some are as big as frankfurters”. But who do you think is doing this?


It is only at the end of this second test that we understand that Davide and Stefano are not the same person. The latter took the title of best of the race and commented with great emotion “I’m very excited. I can’t wait to share it with my family”. Yeah, but what didn’t win anything?

Bread and beech marten

Bake Off fourth episode (8)

But in short, the mystery of the cordless phone, which the viewer has already solved from the trailer for the new season, has not been solved for everyone. Tender entrance by Tommaso Foglia who goes to Geneva to tell him that he must do things according to his head, and she who blinks admits that she is the shepherd of his copyist sheep like the electoral pencil. Fortunately, she deserves a little recognition from Knam, finally. Tears follow.

The proof of the puddings

Bake Off fourth episode (10)

The final test is the usual persistence against the laws of physics. Competitors will have to stack three different puddings and bring them to the judges who, watch him, will eat them. Alessio anticipates its reach with a histrionics: “it’s unwatchable, literally shit”. But we want to reassure him, we have rarely seen beautiful puddings around here.

The end

Bake Off fourth episode (11)

The episode ends with Margherita’s blue apron, a wonderful moment between Damiano Carrara who tells Maria “I think it’s the worst dessert you’ve ever made” and her who, instead of crying or sending him a trial, answers “but imagine”. Gaia eliminated but, can we say? There was much worse. Only it made less noise.

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