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Bake Off Italia 2022 seen by Dissapore: the highlights of the seventh episode

Our summary of the seventh episode of Bake Off Italia 2022, with highlights, judges, contestants and eliminated.

When it started Bake 2022 and we said new season news, the tenth, we forgot to point out that in all the episodes would have been fourteen: to be exact 12 episodes plus the semi-final and the final. So if you’re awake and haven’t completely put aside the basics of math, you know we’re halfway there. The bet of the week it comes exactly in the middle of the tenth season, that exact moment when we should already be able to figure out who has what it takes to reach the finale. Or maybe not? In the meantime, let’s enjoy this new episode.

Knead like there’s no tomorrow

Bake Off bet of the week

Anticipated by the theme song and a brief sit-com moment in which Knam mentions some notes from the roster representative, the seventh episode features “hands”. All proofs must indeed be made by mixing and must always be tasted with the hands by the judges. Mmmmm, very interesting, innovative. To revive an atmosphere that was already announced to be soporific, during the first event the competitors will not only have to prepare cookies, but make several to fill a 3 kg pot. Mmmmmmm, very interesting, convincing. Fortunately we have our daily twist: Clélia’s change of outfit is planned for the week.

someone is burning something

Bake Off seventh episode (1)

The first test takes place without particular flashes, between vanilla and cocoa biscuits. Ginevra seems to be the only one capable of lifting our spirits with her “animalier” biscuits with the well-pronounced r, followed by an unexpected series of vafa from Davide which set her recipes and the godfather’s oven on fire. The test for him does not end well at all. Is his good fortune over?

Still you, but we weren’t supposed to see each other again

Bake Off Bet of the Week (5)

On this new appearance of Fulvio Marino I will limit myself to repeating the words of Leo: “Two things are certain in life: taxes and Fulvio who comes back to Bake Off to let us make sourdough products”. The new technical test consists of the production of a salty Danubian mixture accompanied by two sauces made with a mortar. “I say that with little humility,” said Ginevra, “in this event, I want to come first.”

daisy, daisies

Bake Off Bet of the Week (3)

The story of Margherita, who doesn’t have much self-esteem, even though at 19 she can do a lot more things than all the competitors in the race, breaks me. Applause for humility. Piccolo Spin Off: but Davide’s hat, why?

The test and the end of innocence

Bake Off Bet of the Week (4)

Nobody believed anymore in this thing that they all got along in love and harmony, that they formed a team, even worse: a family!. And so the second test (but the signs were clear from the first) gives way to a nice round of digging and whipping wild competition. Led by Ginevra and by the sympathy of Davide, who in the difficulties showed his more affable side (so to speak) and of Leo who seeks the sauces of others to understand if his is better, it seems that even the competitors be realized that after the sixth episode there’s no more joking. Everyone arrives at the more or less dented judgment where the chorus “is a chiummo” could not miss, with which the spectators of Bake Off are largely familiar.

amuse bouche

Bake Off Bet of the Week (6)

The roundup of faces as the latest test was announced is a mix of amazement, discomfort and anxiety. Competitors will have to make a croquembouche (here is the recipe di Dissapore) 50 centimeters high with cream and dry caramel. We would like to say that this story that to make the candies appear you have to build them high up in the hope that they will collapse increasing the horror effect has annoyed everyone. We would like to say this as soon as we hear that Knam will once again draw his great ruler to measure disasters. We would like to say it and in fact, a little bit, we said it.

The jugement

Bake Off Bet of the Week (9)

The vision of these cream puff cut pyramids is a net. Hardly anyone has done a decent job, maybe Stefano excluded. But what a waste of all that choux pastry piled on top of layers of lumpy cream and dry caramel. The episode ends with Leo wearing the blue apron. Eliminated Gianbattista who is going to give Knam some “German”, he who during the technical test had leftover dough and made us a sandwich. Mom how we will miss it.

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