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Bake Off Italia 2022 seen by Dissapore: the highlights of the sixth episode

Our summary of the sixth episode of Bake Off Italia 2022, with highlights, judges, contestants and eliminated

We often hear that time flies when you’re having fun. And in fact, it was while flying that we arrived at the sixth episode of Bake Off Italia, tenth edition. The episode that awaits us is very smooth. And you will say: why so far have we talked about kimchi? A BARBECUE? But is it sugar we are going to talk about, so is it clearer?

Devil’s Cake

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The first test has the protagonist upside down, a diabolical cake of those that only the United States can invent. Once cooked, the cake must be turned over and covered with caramel and crispiness: you will have understood that all the conditions are met for the creative test to take the turn of a disastrous technical test.

The compressor

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The cake-making phase seems to go smoothly, with no blood and ingredients spilling all over the tent. An exception is when Gianbattista is asked, “Are you nice to your wife?” and he remembers giving her a compressor to clean up. Patriarchate police, stop now.

Unexpected reviews

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And even if everything seemed to be going well, the tasting is daring. Among Alessio who forgot the yeast in the cake, the crispy moistness, the unleavened and crushed cakes and the jumble of flavors, few are spared. And guess who is among them? And why Margaret?

Leaf, damn leaf

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The technical test cake was chosen by Tommaso Foglia and is the meringue: from the warm welcome of the competitors, it is clear that everyone would like to jump around his neck. The sadistic off-air rumor says that “the spilling of the French meringue on the head is confirmation that we started off on the right foot”. But what the hell says to do the test directly on the head?

“I’m not that dirty”

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While the meringue is being prepared, there is a curtain that will hold the bench up for the entire rehearsal and beyond. Riccardo and Alessio mistakenly swap their cake in the fridge. While Riccardo seems to keep his cool, Alessio washes his hands, saying “No, I didn’t make him so ugly. I’m not so dirty” that in comparison Knam’s judgments resemble Mother Teresa’s prayers. However, he will come second in the technical test, having sacrificed his friendship with Riccardo on the other pastry. We may have preferred when he took to the air with his fan. Here a slide.

Cleaning cakes

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The series of comments from the judges oscillate between the comical (this cake looks like “a white mountain” says Knam), the explicit (this cake is orgasmic, always Knam) and the inclement (“if you put a handful in it, it looks like a mop cleaning the cake”). The final judgment is written in the stars: Gianbattista arrives last and Stefano first.

Sugar paste, the return

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At the start of the episode, when it came to sugar, there were two horrible things I was thinking about: isomalt and sugarpaste. The authors decided to go for the second and add to the horror by asking for a cake portrait. From the course of the episode, it’s clear that the contestants have a morbid obsession with Knam. Between Ginevra who said he saw him as his mother, Leo who sees his father in him, those who love him and those who are in admiration, those who participate in Bake Off need a psychological investigation to support them, other than pastry cook.

The final Countdown

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Although Benedetta closed the test with a resounding “how beautiful these faces are” and continued her positive reinforcement by saying at each test “but it’s cute!” even in very questionable cases, the useless ordeal ends without infamy and without lore. The blue apron goes to Stefano, the elimination of the surprise episode is none, with the absurd reason that in the episode of sweetness even the judges are softer. Gianbattista uncorks the champagne and saves the leather for the next round of disasters.

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