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Bake Off Italia 2022 seen by Dissapore: the highlights of the third episode

Our summary of the third episode of Bake Off Italia 2022, with highlights, judges, contestants and eliminated.

One of the most exciting moments in an episode of a self-respecting cooking show is represented by the catastrophe: flying candies, collapsing cakes, catching food. In this third episodealready from the trailer, Bake Italy 2022 seems to offer us a rich bounty of all these things.

The episode with its three trials focuses on the American dream. The first test is a reinterpretation of the New York Cheesecake, of which we say: what does it take? Dogs and pigs cooked it. But Alessio no, Alessio doesn’t remember doses and has never baked cheesecake. He will be the idol of this episode, the inventor of languages, the one who says to a certain “I’m a little depressed”.

I feel something burning

Bake Off Bet 8

At the fifteenth minute of Maria’s oven, the smoke begins to spread. “Will it be burned? he asks. In reality, it is only the parchment paper that has taken on a color that is a little too warm. Too bad for the warmongers who were already waiting for the flames.

The hat and the moment to cringe

Bake Off Bet 7

Our dose of turbo cringe is assured from the moment Knam picks up Mukesh’s baseball cap and slips it over his head while impersonating a rapper. Not happy, a similar scene repeats itself twice. I would like to explain it with words, but I think words fail me.

The taste of cheesecakes, or what’s left of them

Bake Off Bet 5

Margherita’s cheesecake? A real bomb. It remains to be understood how, at 19, it is already such a phenomenon. But even more, how do you manage to put together recipes with seven hundred ingredients and tell them in an inexplicable voice (sorry for the voiceshaming, you say that?). The excitement of the judges will also be there, but Knam offers the most absurd combination in circulation “I see myself at the Central Park pond with a good pint of beer a lot”. Don’t do it again at home.

The proof with the apple pie

The protagonist of the new test is the apple pie, as Damiano says “the one that grandma duck used to make”. The comment of the day is entrusted to Gianbattista, the competitor of this edition who seems to have found himself under the tent by chance while he was going to Bricofer “Me, child, I did not look at grandmother Canard. I was looking at Goldrei (which I think means Goldrake)”.

Carrara Show

Bake Off Bet 4

The judging moment for the apple pies is a Damiano Carrara Show that not only knocks out the contestants, but also makes the other judges disappear. Between a “I don’t eat it because I love myself” and a lukewarm “bad but good” and “I got drunk on the whiskey cream” and “I went too far with the bourbon a beast” and a “didn’t get ‘nothing like it’,” one still wonders if “someone seems to be made with cute hands, with tiny fingers” can be considered a negative or positive comment.

The end

Bake Off Bet 6

The last test is practically without appeal: a cake with 50 centimeters of brownie ruler and three different types of dough. I anticipate it: it will be the triumph of sadism. Stefania understood it well, she will be eliminated from this episode who comments thus: “this surprise is like a beautiful Easter egg. You open it and you find shit inside”. They beep, I write it rather because it’s reality TV. Jumping towards the end of the test, when Stefania comes out, Maria is crying desperately. I would like to reassure her and tell her: “But don’t worry, darling, you will soon to join her”.

It all fell apart guys

Bake Off Bet 3

The taste of the judges in the last test looks like: we do it because we are paid to be poisoned. Before them parades a series of thrilling sweets, with very few exceptions, 14 inedible structural collapses. Parodi’s comment is “There is no end to the worst”. Davide repeats the miracle and takes the blue apron back. It will do your modesty good.

No comment

Without technical comment, the moment when Ginevra, in tears, comes out like this: “Knam reminds me a lot of my mom. From him, I often struggle to get a word of approval. It is as if I lived this parallelism”. Curtain

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