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Bakery 4.0 is coming, are you ready? We do! Looking forward to seeing you on October 23

Bakery 4.0 returns to Milan on October 23 at the Enterprise Hotel. Special guest, Luca Montersino with a masterclass dedicated to pasta in bakery. Register now, participation is free but reserved for white art professionals.

The Baker And Corriere del Pane launch Bakery 4.0: a new format to support the major transformations of the entire bakery supply chain. Giving tools to all Italian bakers to improve their products, their work, their results. Enable companies to interact with their customers in an active and innovative way. All this and much more will be the Bakery 4.0 scheduled for October 23, 2022 in Milan. Location of the event, Company hotel. Registration time from 8:30 a.m. The conference begins at 9:30 a.m. But let’s see what we will cover during Bakery 4.0. and registration procedures.

Bakery 4.0: the bakery at the center

We know it’s not an easy time for bakery businesses, that’s why the Bakery 4.0 is intended to be one more tool to help you, professionals, to get through this period with a certain optimism. Like, how? Invite economists, marketing and communication experts to give you answers or, at least, ideas to improve the management of your companies. This year, more than ever, the interventions of the speakers will focus on current events: from the increase in the cost of raw materials and energy to the difficulty of finding labour. In addition, an excursion in the laboratory with the exclusive masterclass of Luca Montersino who will offer two pasta recipes from his new book: Bread, Pizza, Pasta. Because introducing or reintroducing pasta in bakeries, in our opinion, can be another way to increase business.
The conference will, as always, have a highly proactive and very concrete approach and, in addition to the presence of speakers of absolute prestige, will present real success stories: bakers / companies who will be rewarded with the Bakery Innovation Award in different versions.

The permanent forum of bakers

With Bakery 4.0the reference event for Italian bakers is enriched with new content and is at the service of professionals to create opportunities for exchanges and fuel the growth of the entire sector.
A “network” that will unite the protagonists of the “bread industry”, to define:

the evolution of the “bread product” in all its varieties

• the evolution of the “bread product” in all its varieties;
• choosing the best ingredients;
• the relationship with manufacturing and distribution companies;
• the organization of production and the laboratory;
• management of the point of sale;
• marketing planning, particularly digital and proximity;
• the relationship with consumers;
• management of the price list;

Bakery Awards 2022

Bakery 4.0

After the great success of the first edition, in 2022 the Bakery Awards are back, enriched and renewed. The Italian Baker’s Innovation Awards will reward bakery companies that have distinguished themselves this year for product innovation in the laboratory, from service to communication. We also expect you to hear, in the hands-free voice of your colleagues, what they are doing and doing to be and remain a successful company.

Luca Montersino’s exclusive masterclass: pasta at the bakery: why not?

Bread Pizza Pasta Luca Montersino

At Bakery 4.o we will also talk about pasta at the bakery. Luca Montersino will create two exclusive recipes from the new volume Bread, Pizza, Pasta published by Italian Gastronomy and for the occasion he will release an interview and talk with the audience of bakers present about fresh pasta: a revival that can help increase sales in the bakery.

At the end of the Masterclass: signature-copy with the author.

Bakery 4.0 Montersino

Impossible to miss!

Ours is an official invitation: Go! Bakery 4.0! Here are at least 5 good reasons not to miss the 2022 edition:

1. The protagonists are you, with your businesses and the problems of commerce.
2. You will meet some of the experts who, in these 5 issues of Corriere del Pane, have answered the burning questions of recent months: from the cost of raw materials, to the expensive invoice, to the lack of personnel. They’ll be there for you, not through a video, and they’ll answer your questions.
3. It’s a formative moment: thanks to Luca Montersino’s masterclass on pasta at the bakery. The teacher will also be there for you and with you and can answer your technical doubts and more.
4. The Bakery Awards: who will be the winners and why? Always you, the bakers, also protagonists of this moment: the ovens that will receive the award will tell you about their businesses and how they have reached the standards for which they are rewarded.
5. At Bakery 4.0 you will find the tools to improve your products, your work, your results.

If we convinced you Click here to subscribe: do it now, participation is free, reserved for professionals, places are limited.

If we haven’t completely convinced you, we will for sure after you see program here.

We are waiting for you!

Bakery 4.0

October 23, 2022

from 8:30 a.m.

Hotel Enterprise, Milan

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