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Bonelli and Fratoianni respond to Calenda: “With its recipe, the right will be in government for many years”

Angelo Bonellico-spokesperson of Green Europe, e Nicolas Fratoianni, secretary of the Italian Left, both members of the Alliance of the Greens and the Left, reply today in “Repubblica” to yesterday’s letter from the leader of Action and the Third Pole, Carlo Calenda: “Dear director, Calenda’s political recipe exposed in ‘Repubblica’ would return the government of the country and the regions to the right for many years, as has already happened in the elections of September 25. For us – they explain – the aim is to unite social and political forces to win the challenge of innovation, to respond to the climate crisis, an emergency that has disappeared from the vocabulary of the Action leader, and to the dear energy whose solution is focusing on renewable energies. We must simplify the bureaucratic procedures to quickly release 280 Gw of renewable power plants blocked in Terna and lead Italy towards energy autonomy in the coming years”. “Germany – continue Bonelli and Calenda – has set itself the goal of satisfying 80% of electricity needs from renewable energies by 2030 to reach 100% in 2035. A common battle should have been that of withdrawal full of the 50 billion euros in additional profits obtained by energy companies through gas speculation, to be returned to companies, by capping the price of gas as the Spaniards and Portuguese have done, who today pay three times less for energy than many other European countries. Europe is moving towards ecological transition and we regret that Action in Europe voted against the ‘Fit for 55’ plan with the parties of Meloni and Salvini”.

“The evil of the South – they continue – is the absence of work and the Mafia which organizes the social life of people in place of the State and which steals the legal economy. To counter the mafias and the links with certain politicians is not to be a vigilante but to defend the State. Southern Italy has the worst unemployment figure in all of Europe according to Eurostat data, 1 million and 168,000 unemployed. Citizenship income is a measure that must be defended and corrected and enhanced to avoid abuse. We must fight against undeclared work and we must say clearly that today the problem is to adjust wages upwards, that a person cannot work for 500 euros a month and for this reason we are asking for a minimum hourly wage of 10 euros. The problem of our country is called social poverty and the lack of investment to create jobs. For this – they relaunch – we propose to transform the deposit and loan fund into a bank for the climate through which to support the economic processes of technological innovation linked to the ecological transition on which we will be able to create more than 500,000 new jobs in the next 5 years”.

And again, add the two leaders of the Green Alliance and the Left: “The Covid 19 pandemic has taught us that public health should not be abandoned but supported. Neutrals in Putin’s criminal war? Absolutely not, but the specter of nuclear war must be averted by stepping up diplomatic efforts and involving countries like China, India as well as the United States and Europe in strong diplomatic action. The electoral result of September 25 shows that a broad alliance would not have delivered Italy to the right: do you want to continue on this path which has been irresponsible? We disagree and work to unite, not divide. We have decided to carry out the unifying project of our Green and Left Alliance, which elected 16 parliamentarians, to allow the issues of social and climate justice to be protagonists in the country, as well as the urgency of a law on the climate, to defend the rights won by women and those that we must guarantee to the LGBTQ+ community”, conclude Bonelli and Fratoianni.

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