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Bottega Dani, from Cecina to Identità Golose Milano

The evenings of the cycle continue without interruption The pizza mastersin collaboration with water cream And S.Pellegrinowhich leads each month to Identity Golose Milano the best interpreters of contemporary pizza in Italy, then offering a dialogue with an experienced mixologist, from which to create a refined pairing between pizza and cocktails.

During the last evening in our Hub, this dialogue was the renewal of the collaboration that already takes place, evening after evening, in the pizzeria Daniel’s Workshop of Cecina (Livorno), where the pizza maker Gabriele Dani and the bartender Nadia from Ancona they work side by side, stimulating each other with their respective creations. As also happened through Romagnosi, with a menu that demonstrated the know-how of Dany in the management of doughs, sourdoughs and fillings, and creativity in mixing From Ancona.

“I am a son of art, they come from a family of pizza makers”, he explains to us at the end of dinner Gabriele Dani. “But then I think I went a bit beyond pizza, studying flours and doughs at 360°. This led me to collaborate, as a consultant, with several mills, with bakers and pastry chefs. My research never stops: for clients who come to me with specific needs, I study to find the best solutions. For my products and for my pizzeria, new experiences, sleepless nights and great commitment are always necessary to obtain the results I want”.

The three pizzas featured in Identity Golose Milano they were characterized by the same base, a steamed and crispy dough with high hydration (90%). “It’s definitely an important product for me and for Daniel’s workshop, also because I can say that I was a precursor and it took a long time to perfect it. It is clearly part of a larger and more articulate work, held together by the logic of the highest quality”.

“I too was influenced by my family – she explains Nadia from Ancona – my parents were restaurateurs, so I have known the art of hospitality since my childhood. Then I fell in love with working in bars, I really like the relationship with customers that is created behind the counter. I had many experiences on the island of Elba, where we moved with my parents when I was little, then in Turin, where I moved. Finally, four years ago, the meeting with Gabrielle and the beginning of this professional partnership”.

Now let’s review this Dany And From Ancona led to via Romagnosi 3, from You really are a baba | Baguette revolution: Purple shrimp, wild arugula, Mediterranean guacamole. “This baba was born as an aperitif and from a mistake: it had to be a sweet baba… But then I really liked it and it remained on the menu, but with a different dough. In fact, we start from the dough for the baguette, which we make with a higher hydration and which we then cook in the steam oven”.

Osteria Livornese (born in collaboration with chef Simone Cipriani): Pizza with steamed and crispy dough with high hydration 90%, cod in cooking oil, cream of tart with chickpeas, pepper sauce, aubergine under pesto“It’s an idea born sitting at a table with Simone Cipriani of Essential, a dear friend. It all started with a game, the desire to combine two Livorno specialties such as cod with chickpeas and the sandwich 5 and 5with chickpea and aubergine pie”.

carbonara cbt | Pizza with steamed and crispy dough with high hydration 90%, egg cbt pepper and pecorino, crispy San Miniato cheek, pecorino romano mousse: “In the early 2000s, with great success, I was already offering a carbonara on pizza, prepared in the traditional way. Then I wanted to try to develop the recipe in a more gourmet way, with foamed pecorino cheese, crispy bacon and egg cream cooked at low temperature”.

Braised cheek in Bolgheri | Pizza with steamed and crispy dough with high hydration 90%, with Cinta Senese cheek, Bolgheri red wine then in sauce, its vegetable compote: “The basis of this pizza was a dish that I cooked which, following the inspirations of gourmet pizza, I wanted to offer again on my sourdough disc. In fact, I initially imagined it as a topping for a pizza, but then I had the idea to offer it as a topping for what could almost be a sandwich”.

The word goes to Nadia from Ancona for its two cocktails, starting with Ros (A) Navy | Gin’s (infused with Tuscan cypress and olive), karkadè infusion, fresh lime juice, Sanpellegrino lemonade, pink pepper and rosemary: “We paired the first glass with a cod pizza for that acid and citrusy note that cleanses the palate. During The Co’ha ‘hola co the straw’ horta ‘horta | Vermouth del Mugello, matcha, top of Tonica Citrus Sanpellegrino, skin of ginger was born as a game, with this quote from the famous soft drink. Matcha is one of the ingredients that I work with the most in this period, I love it for the way it can give a particular nuance to a classic drink, and also for the way it can balance with its bitter notes mixtures that tend towards sweetness”.


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