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Brodetto: the starred recipe of chef Nicola Fossaceca and Fano devotes a Festival to the symbolic dish of the Mediterranean

The Brodetto recipe from the starred chef of the Al Metrò restaurant preserves the flavors of all its components without altering them. The festival dedicated to the most delicious fish soup in Italy with big names in cuisine and entertainment

Born as a poor dish from Adriatic fishermen who used the fish which was difficult to sell due to poor quality or too small a size and who, to give flavor to the dish, used rock rocks with seaweed and attached molluscs, the Brodetto today it is one of the most representative dishes of Adriatic cuisine. Two regions even dispute his paternity, the Romagna and the steps. From this derive two real schools of thought: in Romagna there is no brodetto without the gurnard, generally called mazzolina in Romagna, which in Marche is replaced by San Pietro. And as always, each country of the Adriatic has its little variation which does not substantially modify the basic recipe.

Undoubtedly, its peculiarity is the use of many qualities of fish, at least nine ten: cuttlefish, mullet, sole, fruit bat, toad, corn on the cob (in Romagna “mantis shrimp”), redfish, cod, seafood, squid, rays, hen, John Dory, clams, crabs, mussels and live fish.

And for 20 years it has been celebrated with great pomp with a Festival of Italian cuisine, authentic flavors and enogastronomic excellence enhanced by the passion and skillful experience in the kitchen of starred chefs under the banner of BrodettoFest, one of the most important and well-known gastronomic events on the Italian and international scene. For the 20th edition, scheduled for September 9, 10 and 11 at the Lido di Fano, lovers of this culinary specialty will have three days at their disposal for meetings, tastings, culinary shows with big names in show business and starred chefs who have made the history of Italian cuisine.

Today it is even restrictive to restrict the brodetto area to Marche and Romagna. Because the streets of Brodetto are… endless.

There is the Brodetto of Chioggia (broeto in Veneto), the Brodetto from Romagna (Brudèt ad pès in Romagna), the Brodetto alla Fano (el brudèt in Fano), the Brodetto all’anconetanathe Porto Recanati Broth (el brudettu in portorecanatese), the Brodetto of Civitanovathe San Giorgio Port Broththe Brodetto alla sambenedettese (read vrëdètte in sambenedettese), the Brodetto alla giuliese (lu vredòtte in the dialect of Giulianova), the Brodetto alla pescarese (read brudett in Pescara), He Brodetto alla Sanvitesethe Brodetto went vast (read vrudàtte in Vasto dialect), the Brodetto alla Termolese (u’ bredette in Termolese). And it could last a long time.

Mondo Food offers its readers the original recipe by chef Nicola Fossaceca, Michelin star of the Al Metrò restaurant in San Salvo Marina. 39 years old, proudly from Abruzzo, cooking fish is in his blood. His first culinary experiences took place in the family pastry shop alongside his mother Antonietta and his father Domenico. But the call of the sea was stronger than that of the pastry art and Nicola, on leaving the hotel school, did not hesitate to orient the bar towards the intense and deep flavors of his sea. And he chose as great masters Niko Romito first and then Mauro Uliassi And Moreno Cedronitwo Dioscuri who oriented him towards high quality seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, as happened and confirmed by the conquest of the Michelin star in 2013.

Nicola’s cuisine is an immersion in the flavors of Abruzzo: from Adriatic fish to all the other local products, with local traditions that themselves become the raw materials of a modern cuisine, full of rhythm, intuition and great technique. . A cuisine that knows how to look at contemporary gastronomic culture from deep territorial roots.

His “Brodetto a la San Salvo“, This is his memory plate, the memory of that perfume he smelled on the stairs, when he came home from school as a child, and Mother Antonietta’s soup cooked in the big pot earthen. While respecting tradition with the rigorous use of fishing from the Adriatic stretch between San Salvo and Ortona, its recipe provides for the fish to be cooked and served already barbed, so that it can be eaten without thinning, with consequent cooling in time needed for pinning, the intense aromas and flavors of the kitchen, cooking times reduced to the minimum necessary to maintain unaltered the flavors of the rich basket of fish and molluscs of the Adriatic.

The Brodetto Festival calendar

The 20th edition will raise the curtain on Friday, September 9, at 7:00 p.m. and will kick off meetings, tastings, culinary shows with big names in show business and chefs who have made the history of Italian cuisine.

The stars of the kitchen at Palabrodetto

Il Palabrodetto will shine with starred TV and social chefs and Michelin stars: it starts on Friday 9 at 8 p.m. with the show in the kitchen of the chef Davide DiFabio from the Alla Gioconda restaurant in Gabicce Monte with a dish with an authentic taste, but deeply rooted in the imagination: Adriatic pasta and fish soup.

Saturday 10, at 13, they arrive Richard Abou Zaki & Pierpaolo Ferracuti from the Retroscena restaurant, Porto San Giorgio – 1 Michelin star with the recipe: Passatello di pancotto, super concentration of broth and Parmigiano Reggiano crusts.

At 8 p.m. spotlight on the cooking show of Max MariolaYouTube star, face of many Sky programs broadcast on Gambero Rosso, and one of Italy’s most loved and followed chefs with the recipe: Max Yum soup.

Guest of various television shows – from ‘La prova del cuoco’ to ‘Masterchef Magazine’ – judge of ‘Cuochi d’Italia’, Sunday 11, at 13, it will be the turn of Cristiano Tomei (1 Michelin star) from L’Imbuto restaurant in Lucca with the recipe Bro-Said. Ruben Bondi from ‘Cucina con Ruben’, will bring his brilliant sympathy to the kitchen during the last cooking show on Sunday (8 p.m.) for the recipe: Redfish, red mullet and tomato soup. A real star of social networks, with his format in which he cooks from the balcony of his house near Trastevere, he has won millions of followers.

The coordination of the Palabrodetto kitchen brigade is ensured by the Chef Antonio Bedini. Food and wine pairing by Vignaioli d’Autore, a project that brings together 9 historic wineries of Doc Bianchello del Metauro.

Il Palabrodetto, will host BrodettoLab – Lunga Vita al Brodetto – Visual, tactile and taste-olfactory analysis on Friday and Saturday at 10:00 p.m., combined with marine creations by Antonio Scarantinochef of AlMare, inspired by brodetto (Fri 9pm, 10pm) and Luca Cervo Pizza Chef by Dalla Vecchia Zia Ada (Sat 10, 10 p.m.). (cost: 10 euros). With Davide Eusebi And Otello Renzi.

On Saturday September 10, at 5 p.m., the cooking show ‘La Fideuà di Gandia’ will take place in collaboration with the Fideuà de Gandia Festival (Spain).

On Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. he presents himself Gastronomic fanothe project promoted by the Municipality of Fano, Department of Tourism, with which ‘La Strada dei Ristoranti al Mare di Fano’ was born, through which the objective is to promote the sustainability of the short and zero kilometer supply chain.

Fisherman’s kitchen

Beginnings for the twentieth edition space brother – Fisherman’s Kitchen for a taste of Brodetto alla Fano, prepared in pots, a recipe that highlights the combination of fish and tomato for one of the best fish soups in Italy. In collaboration with Antonio Gaudenzi.

Brodetto time

He will be the actor of cinema, television and theater Gianmarco Tognazzi the first guest to step onto the central stage for the appointment with the Brodetto Time talk show.

Saturday September 10 (9:30 p.m.), Raffaele Di Placido, a marine biologist passionate about broadcasting, will animate the space, taken from his show ‘Some like Green’: he interviewed some virtuous Italian witnesses of ecology and the environment, offering some stages of his fascinating trip to Italy, broadcast on SkyTv, in search of green realities and hidden human beauties. The essayist and science popularizer will be with him to comment on these stories, Alessandro Cecchi Pavone.

Brodetto boat

Boat trips to discover the wonders of the sea are back with BRODETTOBOAT – Tous à Moll… come away with a delicious novelty thanks to the typical tastings on board. Saturday and Sunday, at 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., we will discover the Adriatic mussel farms and clam fishing with the Professor Corrado Piccinetti, director of the Fano marine biology laboratory aboard the Queen Elisabeth. Online reservations at to place (cost 10 euros).

Visit Brodetto

For the tours and excursions of the three days of the event, TuQui Tour organizes on Friday, September 9: a journey through the wonders of the city of the goddess Fortuna narrated by an expert guide and a surprise ending! – Guided tour of Fano and final aperitif. Departure: 6 p.m. / Return at 8 p.m. (18 euros). Saturday September 10: At the school of Brodetto, From the auction to the table of the house in an authentic and friendly atmosphere. Let’s learn how to cook Brodetto together! – Visit to the Fano fish market to buy fish.

Chef Nicola Fossaceca

The recipe for Brodetto by Nicola Fossaceca a la San Salvo

Ingredients for 2 people:

– 500 g Tomato Mezzo Tempo (indigenous tomato from Vasto)

– 12 clams (sea lupins)

– 2 Straps

– 2 shredded fish (henfish)

– 2 oil lamps

– 2 soles

– 2 cuttlefish

– 2 cod

– 2 red mullets

– 2 marine cicadas

– 1 Race

– 1 clove Sulmona red garlic

– 1 cornetto green pepper

– Parsley stalks and leaves to taste

– Extra virgin olive oil to taste


Fillet the fish and keep the bones aside.

In the terracotta pan, pour the oil, the halved garlic clove, the chopped pepper and start cooking over moderate heat. After a few minutes, add the peeled Mezzo Tempo tomatoes and the parsley, heat well and bring to a boil, covering with a lid.

Add the fish bones and continue cooking for 15 minutes over high heat, seasoning with salt. Remove the fish bones and add the various fish fillets and clams, from the thickest to the softest. Cooking the fillets will take about 3-4 minutes. Finally add the cuttlefish and shelled slipper lobster.


Just before serving, add freshly cut parsley, a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a few croutons.

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