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Burnt apricot, chocolate and tarragon

Lor cook Gian Michele Gallianoof the Euthalia Restaurant di San Giacomo di Roburent (Cn) located inside the homonymous Chalet, has a personal and extremely specific vision of mountain cuisine. It is a cuisine which respects tradition, the raw materials of the territory and which fully takes in hand what are local productions. Here, chef Galliano plays with the apricot to make it the protagonist of a dessert that is articulated on several levels in the mouth.
“First of all, I wanted to use peanut butter because I love it and because it has an accentuated salty note, a voluptuous and oily consistency, very marked and which goes perfectly with the acidity of the apricot – says chef Gian Michele Galliano – Next comes a burnt, almost toasted effect, which contrasts with the dulcey chocolate and its slightly toasted notes, but also with the sweetness of the peanut butter. I wanted to create a game of flavors then a play of textures, with the caramel contrasting with the grainy effect of the sand, which manages to sanitize the palate.And then, in the finish, the tarragon, an herb from my territory which gives a grainy balsamic note, attenuating final sweet aftertaste”.

Burnt apricot, sand and peanut butter whipped cream, fake Dulcey blond chocolate toffee, tarragon

Ingredients for 4 persons
• 4 ripe and firm apricots
• To taste icing sugar

Cut each apricot into four pieces, removing the core. Sprinkle the cut side with powdered sugar. Burn with a crème brûlée torch, avoiding cooking the outer part. Keep refrigerated.

• 100 g reground semolina
• 20g peanut butter
• 20 g of sugar
• 1g fleur de sel

Cook the semolina over medium heat in a small saucepan until very hot and lightly toasted. At this point, add the sugar, salt and peanut butter and continue cooking over low heat, stirring vigorously until you obtain an extremely fragrant sand. Store in a container in a dry and ventilated place.

• 350 g of 35% fat cream
• 70g peanut butter
• 30 g of Ivoire Valhrona white chocolate
• 4 g of Instagel Sosa 180 bloom gelatin powder
• 2g fleur de sel

Bring the cream to a boil. Pour over the rest of the ingredients. Mix with an immersion blender for 2 minutes, until you obtain a perfect emulsion. Store the resulting mixture in the refrigerator, covered with kitchen film on contact, overnight. Then, whip with a planetary mixer until you obtain the consistency of whipped cream. Put in a pastry bag with mouthpiece diameter 14. Store in the refrigerator until use.

The good life

• 50 g whole milk
• 5g glucose
• 90 g of Dulcey Valhrona blond chocolate
• 15 g of soft alpine butter
• 2g fleur de sel

Bring the milk, fleur de sel and glucose to the boil. Pour over the previously chopped Dulcey chocolate and work vigorously with a small whisk. Form an elastic and shiny emulsion, then mix with a blender, adding the butter at room temperature. Place in a piping bag with a diameter of 8. Place in the refrigerator until use.

• Fresh tarragon to taste

In a dish or bowl, place a tablespoon of peanut butter sand. On top, arrange 4 pieces of apricot per person in a harmonious way, about 50 g of whipped cream and 20 g of faux mou Dulcey. Decorate with a few tarragon leaves for a herbaceous and balsamic finish.

If you want to serve the dessert as a small pastry, use the dosage mentioned above to make a total of four candies.


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