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Butter and frying, a perfect pairing for tasty recipes but only if you know the chef’s secret.

Have you ever heard of clarified butter? You can prepare it at home or buy it from the supermarket to fry it like a real chef.

THEl clarified butter has been used for some time by best chefs in the world for the preparation of tasty and fried recipeswith an advantage, or rather two, that few know.

These are two characteristics that make it preferable to normal butter, unfortunately despite this, clarified butter is used very rarely and much less than normal butter.

In fact, the clarified butter does not contain milk protein and is deprived of water. Thus, this butter is composed of 99% fat.

Despite this, however, its cholesterol level is lower than that of normal butter.

It is obvious that it is certainly not a food that is abused.

Crispy fried food

Another no less healthy characteristic consists in the fact that this butter has a “Smoke Point”, the maximum temperature above which it can produce potentially harmful substances, much higher than traditional butter. Therefore, it is obvious that fried with clarified butter may be crispier.

On the market there is clarified butter, that is to say it is already processed and therefore free of casein and water.

In addition, being devoid of milk proteins, it can be consumed by people who are lactose intolerant.

Homemade clarified butter recipe

Clarified butter does not burn dishes

It is simple and inexpensive to obtain clarified butter. The starting point is traditional butter and it is in fact the only ingredient needed. Instead, a few simple tools will be needed to obtain it, already present in all our kitchens.

let’s start

Take one a piece of butter and place it in a pan. Put the pan on very low heat and wait for it to melt completely.

Once melted, the butter will have bubbles of cream on the surface and a deposit on the bottom of the pan.

Using a slotted spoon, proceed slowly to remove the white foam from the surface and eliminate it completely.

You will now find yourself in front of the oily part and the sediment at the bottom of the pan. Using a ladle, and very delicately, begin to remove the fatty part without moving it too much, so as not to fish the bottom.

The oily part must be passed through a sieve, with a very tight mesh, or better still, through a gauze that you can place on the same sieve. You will have separated the fatty part from the casein and therefore from the proteins.

The oil obtained is nothing other than clarified butter which you can use either immediately, still liquid, or let it set in the refrigerator in order to have a stick of butter again, which will have a yellow color, a stronger shade than normal butter. , almost close to orange.

Clarified butter will keep longer in the fridge than regular butter, but if you made it yourself it’s a good idea to respect the expiry date indicated on the butter you used at the start.

How to make ghee

This particular type of butter is mainly indicated for frying, and in particular for Cutlet Milanesewhose traditional recipe requires that and only the use of protein-free butter, to obtain a crispy and soft breading.

With this butter, however, you can also fry other foods and use it, for example for shortcrust pastry dough, instead of normal butter.

This condiment is however little used in Italy, while it is widely used in Indian cuisine where it is called ghee.

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