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Calamità, Giovanelli: “A new recipe for climate change”

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Giampiero Lupatelli has written a long and sincere article – almost an essay – that we should all read. It helps us to go beyond the banalities, the now beaten slogans, the Manichean visions which divide the world into good and bad.

She has the advantage of asking real questions with the rigor and the benefit of the doubt necessary in the face of major challenges.

Our relationship with nature and the climate is neither good nor sustainable and needs to be rethought and rewritten. The tragedy in the Marches confirms that climate change is now. Acting to mitigate its effects and prevent a serious aggravation is absolutely necessary and urgent. It is a more concrete action than many words of appeal to the concrete which basically propose to do what has always been said and done in the past; something that today no longer guarantees us.

Climate change has also arrived here. Evidenced by the concentration of precipitation, the unprecedented speed of the winds, the different behavior of trees, springs, rivers and lakes threatened with survival and sometimes dried up in summer… It is a reality today – and not only a scenario. It’s not about conservationists and geologists. It’s about everyone. New resources are necessary for the territory, material of course, but also especially cultural and professional to update the governance and even before that of many parameters as well technical as scientific and common sense: in the management of woods, lands, water, infrastructure and establishments, safety standards. It is a question of maintenance, works and civil protection, but not only. Mitigation and adaptation actions, but also those of prevention vis-à-vis a possible further aggravation of the warming of the atmosphere are just as necessary, these are the concrete and the smoke-free. It is really abstract and really unrealistic to think of continuing as before. Merely increasing resources on existing public expenditure programs (those for maintenance remain important) is a bit like using old recipes for new diseases. It is also necessary to locally study the climate, hydraulics and territory of the Apennines. We operate like a National Park: we have ongoing climate change research and development projects conducting field experience and building know-how on woods, water, land and agricultural and land management. pollination. Obviously, even all this is not enough. The entire system of territorial governance must question itself and dialogue more deeply on what is happening. Consequently, it must increase the capacity for consultation and efficiency.

The research and development action only matters if it connects with the management, dedicated tables, time and commitment are necessary, beyond the momentary dimension.

The Park and the Biosphere Reserve – can only have an impact in a context of stronger collaboration. Regions, Provinces, Trade Unions, Municipalities, Territorial Development Consortia, but also business or environmental associations and citizens are also called upon to play their role. The work themes are: energy communities, green communities that really are, technical training in schools and companies and municipalities to have adequate and motivated human resources. The idea of ​​a higher technical institute (ITS) dedicated to the emerging problems of the territory would be a great investment in the future of the Apennines; on school centers but also on safety and the quality of the environment. We are in a difficult ford: as with the pandemic and peace, no one can dream of doing it alone.

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