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Calvè mayonnaise changes oil (and flavor), following the shortage of sunflower mayonnaise due to the war in Ukraine

Calvè, following the shortage of sunflower oil due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, had to vary the recipe for his mayonnaise a little. Soybean oil is now used but the change is correctly indicated on the label. The most attentive consumers have already noticed the difference, even in flavor

As we know, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict leads to a shortage of certain products, the most striking example of which is undoubtedly sunflower oil, which we have talked about on several occasions.

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Manufacturers inevitably replace it where they can with other vegetable oils. This is the case of the Calve Mayonnaise which he published on his website a very important warning to consumers.

In practice, the brand communicated that, precisely because of the shortage of sunflower oil, it was forced to replace this ingredient with soybean oil when necessary.

The notice reads as follows:

Due to the shortage of sunflower oil, we may have to replace this oil with soybean oil. This modification poses no risk to the health, quality and safety of the product.

The company then specifies another very important detail, namely that although soy is an allergen, in this case there is no danger, not even for people allergic to soy:

In particular, as is known, soy is an allergen, but during the process of refining the oil, all its proteins are extracted (which are the causative agents of immune reactions to soy). Therefore, the soybean oil used is safe and suitable for consumption even by people allergic to this ingredient.

The change is communicated to consumers transparently, directly on the packaging:

The information relating to the oil present in the specific recipe will be indicated in an appropriate manner on the labels printed on the product packaging, in the list of ingredients or by means of adhesive / inkjet in accordance with the instructions issued by the competent national authorities.

Indeed, as of last March, the Ministry of Economic Development had published circular which stipulates that the Italian food industry is authorized to use, on an exceptional basis due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the current labels and packaging, replacing sunflower oil but warning consumers.

The document reads as follows:

Temporarily, taking into account the progressive adaptation of labels, producers, in compliance with safety and correct consumer information, may provide for the introduction, by inkjet or other equivalent systems (for example , stickers), a sentence indicating which oils and/or fats have been used to replace sunflower oil, indicating the possible presence of allergens.

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The most attentive consumers have already noticed the difference of Calvè mayonnaise and a relation to The food fact he said that the taste of this product also changed a bit with the oil change. However, not everyone has a fine enough palate to feel the difference.

Have you noticed any other foods or drinks that have undergone changes as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict?

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