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Between oriental spices by far the most loved and most used, it is certainly also necessary to remember the cardamom. Fragrant and with a truly unique aroma, it is an essential spice for the preparation of many oriental recipesas the curry for example or the garam masalabut that we can also use in recipes from our western tradition to obtain a more intense and original flavor. Not to mention that it is a spice full of benefits.

What is the cardamom plant?

It’s a tropical plant belonging to the Zingiberaceae family and which is widespread throughout India, a plant which can even reach 3 meters in height and which has gods oval fruits usually light green in color. The spice is obtained from transformation of these fruitsrather a process long and laborious. Besides being one of the most fragrant spices of all time, it is also one of the most expensive what about this special treatment. In ranking of the most expensive spices he is actually in third place, after Saffron and the vanilla. Not only cardamom powderit is of course also possible to use it in the kitchen cardamom seeds dried.

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Cardamom, the properties

What is cardamom used for?? The cardamom herbal tea he is considered a very good digestive. The contribution of this spice indeed promotes digestion and makes it possible to obtain excellent gut wellness. Also try the cinnamon and cardamom herbal tea, with digestive properties even more efficient. In addition, the consumption of this spice allows you to provide the body with many antioxidant substancesfor neutralize free radicals and keep the body in full working and healthy condition for a long time. Not only that, it seems that cardamom is also a powerful natural antiseptictherefore also ideal for counteract sore throats, mild colds and other similar seasonal ailments.

According to the Eastern peoples, cardamom has magical properties also, without forgetting the aphrodisiac properties. It is also considered a fat burning spicewhich allows you to avoid abdominal bloatingof limit fat accumulationto activate the metabolism. It is also important to remember that thecardamom essential oil can be used for skin beauty. Indeed, it allows you to obtain a toning effect and do the younger and more vital skin application after application.

Cardamom, flavor and use

What does cardamom taste like? How and where is cardamom used? Cardamom has a sweet taste, but its aftertaste is bitter. IS spicy and slightly spicy. It is precisely for this reason that it is a very popular ingredient for the preparation of liqueurs as well as herbal teas and digestive drinks. Excellent pairing cardamom and coffee, typical of Arab culture. You can even prepare it cardamom sugarto be used for coffee but also for tea and other hot drinks.

As we said before, it would not be possible to prepare the curry or the garam masala without this spice. So try it arabian chickenhey Lamb stewthe Indian lamb curryeverything cardamom recipes truly exceptional. This spice also lends itself to accompany dishes rice-basedespecially the oriental recipes that they see coming into play rice, vegetables and meat, real unique dishes really rich in flavors. Perhaps also added to vegetarian dishes, in fact, it goes perfectly with any vegetable. Try for example add the cardamom to the baked diced pumpkin. You will smell this heavenly fragrance.

properties of cardamom

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Cardamom in sweet recipes

The cardamom scent it is also perfect for many sweet recipes. Add cardamom to jamsabsolutely try for example the pumpkin jam with cardamom. Use this spice in other ways to enrich the flavor of ice cream, such as delicious banana and cardamom ice cream. You can prepare one cardamom sauce to accompany the cakes, I cardamom and coconut cookiesthe Turkish lokma pancakes with cardamom syrup or you can try to prepare the barfi indian sweets with coconut flour and dried fruits, a real delight. Not everyone knows it, but cardamom is a spice that also comes into play in the preparation of Ginger biscuits typical of the Christmas period.

Cardamom, where to buy

Where do you find cardamom? Contrary to what many people believe, it is a Spice up really easy to find on the market. You can actually buy it in every supermarket, directly in the department dedicated to spices or in the ethnic department. Of course you can also buy cardamom in shops specializing in ethnic and Indian cuisine. The cardamom price powder or seeds is, as we first observed, rather high compared to other spices. It is precisely for this reason that we strongly advise you to beware of too cheap versionscould indeed result from bad quality. Better to spend a little more, but be sure to bring an exceptional spice to the table.


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