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Carnaroli rice, properties and use

What is the best italian rice? It is quite difficult to answer this question as there are so many types of Italian rice of the highest quality. The Carnaroli rice however, he is undoubtedly considered one of the greatest laughs of all time, often referred to as the king of rice. Let’s go together to find out why insert it into yours Power source and what are its most important property.

Carnaroli rice, calories and properties

L’caloric intake of Carnaroli rice it is 350 calories per 100 grams and carbohydrate intake is 78 grams. These are simple carbohydrates, which are metabolized by the body at an extreme rate in order to avoid the accumulation of fat. It is also important to remember that theglycemic index of this rice is quite weak. It’s rice easy to digestwhich also contributes to regulate bacterial flora and to guarantee intestinal well-being. Among the most important nutrients of Carnaroli rice, we remember the essential fatty acids which strengthen muscle cells, potassium which helps lower blood pressure, B vitamins.

What is Carnaroli rice good for

What is the best rice for risotto? There are many Italian rices that can be used in preparation of an excellent risottobut undoubtedly among the best of all time, it is necessary to recall precisely the Carnaroli rice. It is indeed a rice keep cooking simply and perfectly. Therefore, it does not overcook even if it is cooked for a long time and at very high temperatures. Not only, releases an optimal amount of starch during cooking to allow make a very creamy risotto. What’s the difference between Arborio and Carnaroli rice? These are precisely the ones we have just indicated, therefore a more consistent grain and a greater quantity of starch.

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Cooking Carnaroli rice

Like any other variety of rice, Carnaroli rice can be cooked in different ways. Usually it is cooked or simply boiled risotto. The Carnaroli rice cooking time choose the boiling and of 17 minutes. If, on the other hand, you want to prepare a good one with Carnaroli rice Risottoyou have to consider a few more minutes, about 22 minutes actually. The risotto recipes in fact, they require the use of broth for cooking. THE the fats present in the broth slow down the absorption of the liquid by grain. It is therefore normal that it takes a few more minutes to finish cooking adequately.

Obviously, the Carnaroli brown rice which contains a portion of sound. In this case I cooking time they can be very long too more than 30 minutes. It is also important to remember that the full version releases less starch. So pay attention to the type of recipe you want to prepare.

Carnaroli rice, the recipes

Consistency and optimal starch release make Carnaroli rice as we have seen ideal for preparation of risotto. In fact, it absorbs broth excellently, but also butter during the creaming phase and any sauce you decide to use as a condiment. The beauty is that it has a slightly sweet flavor which allows you to perfectly enhances every type of ingredient. It is therefore perfect for the preparation of a risotto with porcini mushroomsbut also of a shrimp risottoto pumpkinto radishto cheese and much more.

Not only, the consistency of this rice is kept intact even in the case of preparations which are not consumed immediately or in the case of storage in the refrigerator for several hours. Precisely for this reason it is the ideal rice for recipes that involve using leftover rice from the day before. Among these, we cannot fail to mention the famous Sautéed risotto of Lombardy origin. This recipe involves mash the rest of the rice until a disk formsof then fry in butter so that a crispy (and very tasty) crust.

Precisely because it is not necessary to consume Carnaroli rice immediately, it is undoubtedly also ideal for preparation of casseroles, arancini and croquettes. It can also be used for the preparation of delicious rice salads ideal for the summer period. Carnaroli rice instead it should never be chosen for the preparation of desserts. He actually has a too little sticky and therefore the end result will never be as satisfying as by choosing another variety.

Carnaroli rice, the price

The Carnaroli rice for risotto it has a fairly high price, usually about 30% higher than other types of rice. It is normal that this is the case, the Carnaroli variety is in fact more complex to cultivate compared to other varieties. It also turns out less productive. But it is difficult find Carnaroli rice in the market? Absolutely not, it’s a rice you can find in all supermarkets of the city and there are many really famous brands that market it. Some examples are undoubtedly the Curtiriso Carnaroli and the Rice Carnaroli Scotti.

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