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There are foods that we usually eat only and exclusively as snacks or snacks at appetizer time, cashew nut principally. Nothing could be more false. I’m actually a foods rich in beneficial properties for our body and with a flavor that lends itself to accompany many recipes, from appetizers to desserts. Let’s find out together then all his secrets.

What are cashew nuts

Everyone knows there are countless i benefits of nuts. Not only that, everyone knows that the dried fruits are ideal for weight loss. Too bad though that, contrary to what most people believe, cashews are not categorized as dried fruits. It’s actually me oilseeds of one plant native to the Amazon, a plant commonly known as cashews. THE cashew seeds They were exported by portuguese in the rest of the world, even here in Italy, and can be considered a useful ingredient in many recipes. Although we are not part of the dried fruit category, we can assure you that even then I benefits that their consumption allows to obtain they are truly innumerable.

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Cashew nuts, the properties

What are cashews used for? THE benefits of cashew nuts there are really many of them. I am rich in fiber and for this very reason they must be considered friends of our guts, capable of promoting its well-being. They are also rich in vitaminsas the Vitamin E and the B vitamins. Without forgetting the Omega 6 and the proteins, in fact available in a very high percentage. Amongst others properties of cashew nutsexcellent concentrations of mineral saltsamong which deserve a mention potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium. Also present the the iron, but in small quantities. Despite the exceptional nutritional values ​​of cashew nutsit is important to remember that caloric intake is very high.

Who shouldn’t eat cashews?

As noted earlier, cashews are a high calorie ingredient. Precisely because the cashew nut calories there are many of them, their consumption is not a valid choice for those who follow one slimming diet and for those who want Pay attention to your ideal weight. This does not mean that they cannot be consumed, but it is important pay attention to the quantities. So, how many cashews can you eat per day? The the recommended dose for a healthy diet is 30 grams per day, which corresponds to about 15 cashew nuts. If you want to lose weight, it is better to halve the doses. Cashews can usually be consumed by people allergic to dried fruits, precisely because they are seeds and not fruits. Despite this, there are many people who have an allergy to this fooda food that must obviously be avoided in this case.

Raw and Roasted Cashews, How to Eat Them

The Roasted Cashews they can be eaten after a meal, as an energizing snack during the day, aperitif time to accompany a beer, a glass of wine or a drink. Of course, nothing prevents you from flavor the cashews. For example, try dusting them with aromas and spices then put them in the oven for a few minutes. An even tastier appetizer is ready.

With the raw cashew nuts it is also possible prepare butterto be used instead of traditional molded butter such as vegan cooking ingredient or in the case of Lactose intolerance. It can be enjoyed in many ways, on a slice of bread in the morning for a breakfast full of energy or added to batter for desserts, muffins, pies, cookies. Not only that, from raw cashew nuts it is also possible to get a flour, to be used as alternative to traditionally ground flours. In fact, cashews they do not contain glutena flour that is therefore also suitable for celiacs.

Cashew nuts, the best recipes

The cashew nut they can be also added to many recipes, from appetizers to desserts, to ensure a more intense and original flavor. Cashew nuts lend themselves to making first of all a few oriental cuisineas the cashew chicken which is particularly typical of Thailand or at noodle recipes.

However, they can be added finely chopped to many typical recipes of Italian gastronomy. For example, try adding a chopped cashews on the dough with vegetables or to use cashews instead of pine nuts in pesto Genoese style. You can then add the cashew nuts in saladsto give them a oriental touch and a bit of crisp, or with sautéed vegetables. You can also prepare cashew nut creamto use later as an accompaniment for chicken, lamb or other types of meat and that you can also garnish with garlic and onion. Try it too inside a stuffed sandwichto give charcuterie and cheese a truly unusual flavor.

About the sweet recipeswe advise you to add cashew nuts to the salted caramel cheesecake. It’s a combination of flavors that is simply amazing.

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