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Catering in hotels, the market demands training

Lhotel catering is experiencing a new season thanks to the training, organization and centrality of wine tourism. The development of catering in hotel establishments has been the subject of moderated round table director of Italia a Tavola, Alberto Lupiniand organized in Senigallia for the 35th Annual Congress of the Aehtthe Olympic Games of food and wine tourism services that brought together 776 international guests from 23 nations and 120 schools from all over Europe in the city of Le Marche.

Today the real challenge is to redevelop the spaces and the catering offer

At the Panzini hotel institute, we traced the history of catering which, from the post-war period, developed mainly in the hotel industry. The revolution brought by great protagonists of haute cuisine, such as Gualtiero Marchesi, prompted entrepreneurs to open restaurants outside of hotels. Lately we’ve been pretty assist in overcoming patterns, with a greater valuation of hotel catering activities, which increasingly manage to win important prizes. Today the real challenge is to redevelop spaces and the catering offer.

Catering in hotels, the market demands training

Dario Mariotti, Luca Santini, Fabio Bucciarelli, Fabio Cancelloni, Debora Bilo, Gabriele Biscontini and Alberto Lupini

All operators must be involved

Luca Santinirepresenting Soliduswhich brings together various professional figures, from cooks to sommeliers, stressed that “all operators must be involved in the best possible way, because it is often forgotten that great catering was born inside hotels. It is now a question of strengthening the structures, which must focus on quality and professionalism. A strategic role also falls to the schools, which must transmit to the students the passion necessary to do this profession, by identifying the teachers and a personalized study path for each one. I am convinced that if we dedicate time to young people, we will all grow up eventually“.

At the microphone Luca Santini, representing Solidus, which brings together various professional figures, from chefs to hotel sommeliers, the market demands training

Luca Santini holding the microphone, representing Solidus, an association that brings together various professional personalities, from chefs to sommeliers

Market needs need to be updated

There is one of the most active realities in formation Molded foodswho through Dario Mariotti he pointed out that “the dimension of hospitality has now taken on another dimension. From January to June 2022, we received orders for 22 large hotels with 450 rooms, located in Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia. G.Entrepreneurs have understood that they must focus on technological and professional standards to raise the level of catering and best welcome guests in the name of tourist accommodation. The future of major competitors will be based on the ability to attract resources and with our structure we aim to become accelerators. People want to eat less, well and sustainably. Therefore, it is necessary to update the needs of the market, aware that if you give up the targeted training activity, it is difficult. In this sense, it is essential to have a public school that supports this concept, in order to transmit the skills and enthusiasm to form people who will be able to challenge the world”.

A few students visiting the 35th annual conference of Aeht in Senigallia Catering at the hotel, the market asks for training

Some students visiting the 35th annual conference of the Aeht in Senigallia

Today we need to focus on training

For Gabrielle Biscontinitreasurer of Adamthe association that brings together hoteliers”it is essential to have trained human resources. If in the past hotel catering represented almost a ballast, today we recover it and enhance it, guaranteeing a great synergy with the territory. For those who come to Italy, one of the main reasons is certainly the good food, but the catering sector has lost many collaborators during the pandemic. Today, we must focus on training: school is an essential link in helping our children grow up, who then, with the practical part, complete their course. I advise young people not to throw high school years to the wind and to put a lot of passion into it to achieve important goals”.

The quality of raw materials for the revival of structures

The quality of raw materials is also the basis for the revival of hotel equipment. Fabio Cancelloni, president of the catering company of the same name which operates mainly in central Italy, confirms that “in recent times we have witnessed a significant growth in quality products and above all in territory. Therefore, we have created dedicated price lists based on the region in which we operate to make Igp and Dop products available to customers. L‘target is to tell and make customers live a real food and wine experience. We are in the third generation and I must say that in the 60s my father experienced high quality cuisine in the hotel industry, I personally experienced the involution, while my children relive a growth that has already begun for those who have a serious project to raise the level of the restaurant within the hotel”.

The good life

Children must be put in a position to be able to work

Fabio Bucciarelli, director of the Romito Academy, underlined how “knowing how to tell about one’s own creation and one’s own dish, transmitting the value to colleagues and customers, is an important step and takes place from the start of the training that we carry out in the academy. During an examination, the dish is told starting from the reasoning carried out, then also delving into the part of the ingredients. Young people must be put in a position to be able to work in national and international brigades with an acquired method and a comparison with the great professionals“.

Financial instruments must also be offered

Professional associations also receive more and more requests from companies for training. Debora Bilò, training manager for f.ederalberghi Marchehe recalled that “financial instruments must also be offered to start long-term continuous training, which has neither beginning nor end. What has changed lately is the teaching methodology, for which we try to build a tailor-made training more adapted to each company. New employees must know the machine and the objectives of the company, after which the courses are built with the teachers”.

There is no recipe, but you have to team up

The director of Italia a Tavola, Alberto Lupini, he pointed out that in addition to personnel and organizational aspects, the accessibility of restaurants must be taken into account. “In the case of hotels, it is often penalized for structural limitations – underlined the speakers of the round table -. On the one hand, many structures carry out adaptation work, while other realities aim to make a virtue of necessity by defining a tailor-made layout. What is certain is that we are confronted daily with problems ranging from the cost of personnel to that of energy and raw materials. A recipe does not exist, but it is certainly necessary, while waiting for government interventions, to join forces and design work in the world of the hotel industry with greater comfort to be guaranteed to employees, from hours and on public holidays. even on weekends.”


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