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Chef de classe: hoteliers compete in the kitchen

Party Chef di Classe the contest between students of Hotel Institutes and cooking enthusiasts who will tell each other through associations of ingredients and flavors

The valorization of tradition in the kitchen between sustainable food and generational and multicultural dialogue. Here are the basic ingredients with which students of Italian hotel institutes, but also young cooking enthusiasts, are called upon to take up the challenge Head of classone of the Festivaldeigiovani® competitions that involves tens of thousands of students from all over Italy every year in paths to enhance the ideas and talents of Generation Z.

With Head of class original recipes will be created from a memory or a sensation.

They will be recipes inspired by grandmothers, aunts, teachers, chefs, whoever is a source of inspiration for us, and linked to important moments of conviviality that have left in each of us those indelible memories that know so much about the “good”. Recipes that bring us back and allow us to share today these emotions that our landmarks gave us yesterday.

You can start from traditional dishes of your territory revisiting them in a contemporary key, or from typical recipes of the family tradition in which the art of recycling has been the protagonist, with particular attention to avoiding all the waste so common today. today.

The ingredient to include: milk and milk derivatives (Fattoria Latte Sano), in all its possible forms. Milk and dairy products are the staples of our diet and can easily be used for sweet, savory recipes and even mocktails.

The language of food is universal and needs no translation. A perfume, a flavor, a combination of ingredients allow you to enter into a relationship with yourself and with others, taking you on a journey of rediscovery of your roots and traditions, of knowing new cultures. Research and studies and teamwork in the kitchen also allow young participants to develop skills useful for personal growth, but also for a correct relationship with food. After all, the objective of the Festivaldeigiovani®, with all its competitions, pctos and events, is the orientation, also through the enhancement of talents and creativity, of young people for the construction of their future”. Fulvia Guazzone, Founder of Festivaldeigiovani® declares.

For us it was very important to centralize the theme of the competition on the notion of “conviviality” which can be linked to food – says Marco Lorenzoni, President of Fattoria Latte Sano. The frenzy of everyday life often makes us miss those moments so good for families and friends, precious moments when not only is a recipe “consumed”, but where a thought or an emotion can be shared. This especially after the difficult years of the pandemic which worsened the ability/possibility of socialization. We’ll love to see recipes that evoke memories for kids that “taste so good” inspired by times spent with someone who sent them an emotion as well as a treasured recipe to “treasure.”

Students from all over Italy, aged between 15 and 20, will be able to participate individually or in groups, always involving a witness of time, a person who passed on to them the recipe that will be revisited by young cooks with imagination and creativity.

To participate, you must log in to www.festivaldeigiovani.itperform the registration complete the form in all its parts.

Aspiring chefs or bartenders will have to illustrate the preparation phases, document the operations on the web portal with photos and texts, keeping in mind the origin of the products used and the history (family or territorial) of the recipe. .

The dishes and drinks, as well as their preparation, will be described with photos, texts and videos and uploaded to www.festivaldeigiovani.it in the section Head of class where they will constitute a real recipe book created by Generation Z.

The recipes will then be voted on by a “technical jury“, Composed of chefs and industry experts voiced by Fattoria Latte Sano and Noisiamofuturo®, and by”popular jury”, It is the community of hundreds of thousands of young people and students of the Festivaldeigiovani®.

The teams will therefore also compete with “like” shots, inviting followers to experiment with the recipe and express their preference.

The finalists will perform in show cooking and show drinking in the large Village of the Festivaldeigiovani® in April (19-21) in Gaeta with tasting of food and drinks by the participants and announcement of the winners.

Fattoria Latte Sano Special Prize: The winning students will be invited to sign an editorial collaboration project for the development of their signature recipes to be published on Fattoria Latte Sano channels (social, web, etc.)

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