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Chestnut tart, sweetness with a special ingredient

Today we are going to sweetness we are preparing a pie filled with a delicious chestnut cream with a soft and delicate chocolate coating.

Chestnut pie is a very full-bodied dessert that is prepared in the fall season, when chestnuts are found. It is a pie with the typical taste and aroma of the autumn season and is also very caloric given the consistency of chestnuts rich in calories and carbohydrates. but it doesn’t matter because in front of this note of sweetness and this fragrant flow, each sin of gluttony never weighs that much.

Chestnut tart

It is perfect both to be enjoyed after dinner and as a snack or breakfast and everyone really loves it, especially children. The very versatile chestnut purée can be splashed into many dessert recipes, but I believe this one from the coast is suitable.

Chestnut tart

The simplicity of the ingredients and the ease with which it is prepared are only really stimulating to be able to proceed immediately to the preparation of a delicate shortcrust pastry perhaps following the directions of the sprint recipe. As for the chestnut purée, I assure you that it is much simpler than you think.



300g flour
200g butter
two yellow

chestnut cream

1 kg of chestnuts
300g sugar
a lemon
300ml water
an envelope of vanillin

melted dark chocolate

Chestnut tart, sweetness with a special ingredient. Method

boiled chestnuts

Let’s start the rest of this delicious pie and we will do it by starting to prepare the shortcrust pastry. Obviously a sprint recipe and specialized in shortcrust pastry under its facets. So I present to you one of the recipes signed by us which is really made in a short time and which is very delicate. Once the shortcrust pastry is prepared, remember to wrap it in cling film and place it in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. We begin to cook the chestnuts by filling the pot of water and bring to a boil. Boil for 15 minutes with the chestnuts well inside and after this time drain them and let them cool to clean them by removing the skin and the outer skin. Let’s make them into small pieces and pass them through the vegetable mill. We take a saucepan and put inside the sachet of vanillin, sugar, water and dissolve the sugar for 10 minutes, stirring constantly.

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How to make chestnut pie

Chestnut and rum pudding, a sweet dessert for gourmet adults.  Sprint Recipe Photo

Now add the chestnut mixture and continue to mix, grating the last recipe for the lemon and cook for an hour, turning occasionally to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. Once the chestnut cream is ready, put it in the fridge covered with cling film. We take the shortcrust pastry and begin to roll it out on a floured work surface using a rolling pin and coat the pie pan that we will have previously buttered and floured. Arrange the pastry sheet well then fill it with the chestnut cream, flattening it well with a spoon. Melting chocolate in a double boiler, I preferred to use the dark one and pour it over the surface of the pie. However, this step is only done after baking at 180° for 45 minutes in a static oven.

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