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Chestnuts: 6 recipes for the over 60s

Tasty and nutritious, the chestnuts they are a real wellness recharge useful for personal health. They are eaten cooked, perhaps roasted over the open fire in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of the fall season. Small and rounded, the fruits of the chestnut are a real first fruit but also a very useful snack to combat seasonal ailments, offering an important energy recharge thanks to the countless properties contained: for this reason they are also suitable for Senior but always with the necessary precautions. Let’s discover the invaluable qualities of these delicious dishes and how to prepare them.

Chestnuts, properties and benefits

Representing the fall, here comes the chestnuts, small rounded fruits protected by the most classic of hedgehogs. Gathering in the woods is a typical tradition of the season, which coincides with long walks among the colors of foliage and warmed by the warmth of the autumn sun. Chestnuts have a full-bodied presence of benefits, thanks to nutrients content that exerts an action against free radicals. They are rich in vitamin C, perfect for curbing ailments and strengthening the immune system, but also for mineral salts such as magnesium to promote muscle well-being. Then come the sodium necessary to facilitate good digestion, magnesium and phosphorus for the well-being of the nerves, sulfur for the bones and iron for anemia and for better blood circulation. They also contain vitamins B and E, omega 3, omega 6, oleic acid and palmitoleic acid, a panacea against cholesterol, also held in check by the high presence of fibers.

The latter are very useful for intestinal well-being, while fats are in a lower percentage. Chestnuts are an unparalleled energy recharge, counteract exhaustion, improve memory and attention, useful support also for the senior category. The only flaw is related tohigh presence of carbohydrates, for this reason, they are not recommended for people with diabetes, obesity and intestinal problems such as colitis. They can be easily prepared and used in many recipes, they have a strong satiating power but it is better not to eat them raw because they are difficult to digest, causing intestinal problems and even gastritis.

Chestnuts, 6 essential recipes

To fall

Gourmet and tasty, the chestnut finds its place in many seasonal recipes invigorating. The most classic see them cooked on the oven plate, but also on the stove or on the embers of the fireplace with the classic perforated pan. All strictly knife engraved to prevent them from bursting during cooking. It is essential to check that they are free of mold and holes, monitoring their cooking so that they do not burn. But here are some light and inviting recipes.

Chestnut soup


In a saucepan, brown the garlic and fresh chilli, adding a handful of finely sliced ​​fresh mushrooms and the already boiled legumes. Leave to flavor and complete by adding the cooked chestnuts, rosemary and sage, to taste with the bay leaf. Cook, adding water or vegetable broth and a little salt, letting everything soften for at least 20 minutes under the lid. Once cooked, mix to obtain a full-bodied cream and serve with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of black pepper.

Pan-fried chestnuts with bacon

An easy, quick and tasty preparation, just boil the chestnuts with a bay leaf to soften them, then drain them, leaving them to cool before peeling them. In a frying pan, brown the minced bacon, alternatively you can use a few pieces of bacon, which you will flavor with a drop of honey. To taste rosemary and marinated or fresh onions to soften. Add the cooked chestnuts together, top with salt, pepper and a sprig of parsley to taste.

Chestnut salad

Cooked chestnut

Quickly sauté the cooked chestnuts in the pan, while you prepare the sauce by mixing the lemon juice, a pinch of mustard and a drop of honey. Mix the chestnuts with the seasonal salad, sprinkling with Pad has just been created, add Roquefort cut into pieces or gorgonzola. Top with a light drizzle of olive oil, as well as a few croutons previously sautéed in chilli and salt. Serve with a sprinkle of fresh thyme and stir to combine the flavors.

Chicken in the oven with chestnuts

Prepare the chestnuts by boiling them in water, seasoning the chicken pieces separately with oil, salt, pepper, rosemary and bay leaf. Arrange everything in a baking dish with a drizzle of oil, fresh garlic, fresh cherry tomatoes cut into small pieces, minced fresh onion, sage, a drop of water to soften. Bake for about an hour at 180 degrees. Alternatively, you can replace the chicken with salmon or turkey.

Mini chestnut pancakes


Simple and very quick, just pour the chestnut flour and water or vegetable milk into a bowl, mixing with a whisk to obtain a soft paste without lumps. Top with brown sugar, a pinch of salt, yeast and, to taste, a pinch of vanillin. Heat the peanut oil in a frying pan, or the vegetable butter, and pour a ladle of batter, cook for a few minutes, then turn it over and continue on the other side. Serve hot with a few Maple syrupa pinch of cinnamon and red currant to taste.

chestnut cream

An alternative to the more classic hazelnut cream, but to be enjoyed on bread for an invigorating snack. After boiling and peeling the chestnuts, soften them in a large bowl with vegetable milk and a drop of anise essence. Add a pinch of vanilla, unsweetened cocoa powder and brown sugar or agave syrup. If you like even a drop of coffee, mix everything quickly but intermittently, to obtain a soft and delicious cream. If it’s too runny, add more. cocoa powder. Pour everything into pre-sterilized classic storage jars. Close, turn over and let cool completely.

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