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#ChickenArrostoDay | October 2, 2022

Sunday, October 2 roast chicken daythe great social marathon organized by Unaitalia – the National Association of White Meat Producers – to celebrate the second most popular dish of Italians and tell its different “souls”, from the familiar to the popular rotisserie, passing through the gastronomic .

#PolloArrostoDay 2022

Roast chicken, as always, everyone agrees, is consumed by 95% of the population and in all cultures. 74% of Italians (40 million) eat it at least once a month; 39% once a week and 32% twice (especially young people), and without sauces (40%).

He is the undisputed king of Sunday lunches at his grandmother’s but is not lacking on starred tables and has even managed to overturn the dictates of etiquette. Today 53% eat it with their hands, especially at home and with family (59%), but 64% of Italians would be ready to do so if the etiquette allowed it (29% even in a romantic or formal dinner) . So much so that 72% are convinced that the famous slogan “those who do not lick their fingers only half savor” is also perfectly suited to this dish because “the flavor remains on the hands and the experience must be total” (49%) and “Brings the kids back” (33%). This was revealed by a Doxa survey carried out for Unaitalia.

“Hands or fork? »

The sixth edition of Roast Chicken Day begins with a question: “Hands or fork?” and star chefs and influencers, including Roman Cristina Bowerman and students from the European Institute of Design (IED) who, for the occasion, invented a tool to avoid getting their hands dirty. Users can also participate in this tasty party, posting photos, recipes, stories about how they taste roast chicken on social networks, always adding the hashtag #polloarrostoday.

Cristina Bowerman’s recipe for #PolloArrostoDay 2022

Roman chef Cristina Bowerman has chosen to celebrate Roasted Chicken Day by creating the “everything with hands” menu and the dish “Roast Chicken with Peach Kimchi (recipe of Korean origin made with fermented peaches and spices) and Salad à la Parisienne from “An enveloping dish in which bites of crispy roasted thighs are dipped in a bubbly, savory and spicy fermented peach sauce. “Eating with your hands – says Bowerman – it is the most intimate gesture there is: it involves the five senses and breaks down any element of separation between us and food. And it goes perfectly with chicken, a central food in our diet, one of the healthiest meats. So much so that in the coming months I will be serving four menus per evening based only on chicken: all parts of the chicken in many different recipes”.

Chicken with your hands? The label’s response

Now the Italian Etiquette Academy has also given the green light: “With your hands you can,” he says. In fact, he rewrote the rules of tasting in a poster with 10 ideas and tips for enjoying roast chicken with your hands: they range from never doing it on the first date, to putting diners at ease, as did Queen Margherita (who grabbed a chicken leg to put Tsar Nicholas I at ease when he had trouble deboning the chicken); taste it with three fingers, as Renaissance nobility did. But without lifting a finger. The poster will be signed on October 2 by all the protagonists of Roast Chicken Day.

#PolloArrostoDay: marathon events

Starting at 11:30 a.m. and throughout the day, it will be the Giallo Zafferano community with 15 tik toker bloggers committed to offering as many recipes to make and taste with your hands.

At 12 p.m., it will be the turn of chef Max Mariola, who, live from his Facebook channel (and by cross-posting on Wil Pollo’s Facebook channel), will prepare a dish that has always been eaten with his hands: wings roasted chicken. “A recipe – explains Mariola – that makes roasted chicken wings even more delicious, fresh and exotic. And getting your hands dirty to eat them… it’s worth it!”

At 1 p.m., Samuele Briatore, president and founder of the Italian Academy of Etiquette, will unveil the 10 points of the #polloarrostoconlemani Manifesto.

“The label is not something monolithic, but it changes over time. Eating roast chicken with your hands is an exception and a transgression to the diktat of orthodox etiquette that requires fork and knife but today it is possible – says Briatore -. In some cases, culinary tradition and etiquette lead us to temporarily abandon cutlery, perceived as elements of distance. It applies to street food and finger food, but also to red fruits that you have to eat with your hands. And roast chicken is fully part of this area. It’s a gesture that goes beyond the formalities – continues Briatore – never to do at formal dinners or on a first date! The advice is to fully live the experience: wash your hands well, taste it with the first three fingers as the nobility of the Renaissance did; chew freely but without reaching the bone and never with the little finger raised, taking care to have clean mouth and hands so as not to dirty everything. Finally, eating roast chicken with your hands breaks the rules but not too much. If you have to lick your fingers, do it alone, in front of the TV!”.

At 2:00 p.m., starred chef Cristina Bowerman (Glass) will unveil on her Facebook and Instagram channels her recipe “Roasted chicken with peach kimchi and peach Parisian salad”. “I chose this recipe – declares Cristina Borweman – above all because you can eat it with your hands. The chicken, after having been left in the freeze overnight (a mixture of water and salt in which the product is immersed until it is covered and left in the fridge for 12/24h ed) is then cooked in the oven at low temperature, sprinkled with a mixture of herbs and bacon bits and finally annealed for 15 minutes at high temperature to give it the famous crust. on a salad with kimchi sauce and marinated peaches inside. A tasty and fun dish, which if eaten with the hands brings us back to an intimate gesture of union”.

At 3:00 p.m., space on the channels of Viva il pollo to the students of the IED, Angelica Fu Fupei and Emilia He Rui who, with their teacher, Davide Gallina, will explain how they designed the Avvolgerello, a tool resulting from a competition to invent a practical, ecological and fun tool – to eat roast chicken with your hands without getting dirty.


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