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Cicerchie: a short journey through recipes and properties

Cicerchie and how to use them in the kitchen: is this a subject that intrigues you? In terms of legumes probably the cicerchie they are not among the best known, unlike, for example, the Chickpeas Where Lenses, which are well known. If among the characteristics of the cicerchie there is also that of containing a neurotoxinon the other hand it is true that it is enough to treat them correctly and to consume them without excess to be able to enjoy them in complete safety. In light of this, it is not surprising to find that the cicerchie products in various areas of certain Italian regions have achieved prestigious recognition.

They are indeed included in PAT listor of traditional italian food productslist this edited by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies. In this article, we take a short trip between properties and benefits of cicerchia. As we move forward on this path, we will pass through certain stages of theirs. the storywhich is really old enough, to propose one Recipe very tasty that sees this legume protagonist: the Cicerchie soup.

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Cicerchia legumes

The cicerchia plant belongs to the family of Fabaceae. Looking for its origins on the map, it seems to be the area of Mediterranean Basin. And it’s no wonder, given the climatic characteristics that this plant needs to grow properly: it grows well where the climate is temperate, also tolerating periods of drought. The conditional in relation to its origins seems however to impose itself, since in reality the history of cicerchie it is so old that it is in some ways “mysterious”. Traces of this legume are recorded in 8000 BC, in Mesopotamia. We then speak of its diffusion in the Balkan PeninsulaAs good as insideAncient Egypt. For what concern the collection period of the cicerchie, in general, this corresponds to the end of July / beginning of August. So long in Italy the cicerchie did not enjoy great popularity, the rediscovery of Italian varieties, produced in various regions of the center and the south of the country, restored prestige to this ingredient of the so-called “poor” cuisine.

Cicerchy properties

As for the properties of cicerchie in the kitchen it is spontaneous to mention one of the most famous dishes which, just with the cicerchie it is possible to prepare, namely the Cicerchie soup, a gastronomic “warm embrace”. About the nutritional properties of the cicerchie instead, these legumes contain, for example, phosphorus And potassium.

cicerchie, a journey between curiosity and taste

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Recipes with cicerchie

If you wonder how to cook cicerchie, well, they can be the protagonists of a tasty hot dish, of those that immediately make you “feel at home”. The dish in question is Cicerchie soup. This recipe with cicerchie it is not particularly complex to make but, because of what was said in the introduction to this article, it is not possible to consider it as a dish to be prepared “at the last minute”, and this because stages in which dried cicerchia must be submitted to be used. To shorten the time, in general it is possible to resort to the preparation of this soup, instead of the dried cicerchiaat shelled peas. In any case, always check the instructions on the packaging of the product you have purchased or ask the retailer to provide you with the information necessary to treat the products correctly. cicerchie for consume them safely.

Cicerchie soup

Talk about cicerchie and recipeswe have to start introducing you to what is perhaps the most famous recipe that can be prepared with cicerchieor the Cicerchie soup. Now we are about to take a closer look at the recipe, through some curiosities related to its taste. If the to taste of the cicerchie is similar to that of beanswhat are the other ingredients that combine to make one Cicerchie soup a dish with an enveloping taste, a real “warm embrace”, as we defined it not long ago? It is true that there are many versions of this soup, so the list of ingredients to use to prepare it may vary. Among those that can be found are potatoes And lard.

cicerchie, a journey between curiosity and taste

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Fracchiata from Abruzzo

The cicerchie they are no strangers to regional cuisine, on the contrary. If you know theAbruzzo and its typical dishes, perhaps you have already heard of one of the original dishes of this region. We are not talking about the kebabs, nor the cheese and egg pallotte, to name but two delicacies fromAbruzzo well known, but fracchiata from Abruzzo. In the list of ingredients necessary for its preparation, you will find the cicerchie flour. A small curiosity about this dish is linked to its name. If you are wondering where the term “fracchiata” comes from, used to designate this dish, whose origins date back to late seventeenth centuryit derives from the Latin verb “fringer”.


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