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Cod: how is it cooked? 26 recipes to try

We’ve talked many times in the past about what salt cod and how is different from stockfish even if it’s the same fish. That is to say of the Cod. We’ve also commented before that before using it for cooking, cod should be stripped of excess salt and rehydrated. And, in this regard, we had prepared a practical guide on how to desalinate cod. What we haven’t done so far is compile a recipe booknot limited, on how to cook cod. Here are some preparations.

  1. Fried cod. Ssecond dish, which, if necessary, can be proposed entrance, just bad cooking and it can be made in different variants i.e. with or without dough And in Tempura. The recipe for the crispy, golden cod we offer calls for the fish to be breaded and fried in plenty of oil, so that a delicious and inviting crust is created, ready to hide a tender heart.
  2. Cod with cooked tomatoesCod with cooked tomatoes. SIt’s a tasty recipe that doesn’t require any particular attention and doesn’t even require long cooking: they are enough Less than 30 minutes. The cod with cooked tomatoes suitable for all occasions, from summer lunch to one dinner with friends of friends. It corresponds to a any menu.
  3. Neapolitan Cod. Prseparated with pan-fried cod fillet with tomato, olives, capers and oregano it’s a tasty and very simple dish to do, perfect for a informal meal but also for the party table. The fillet of cod, tender and boneless, is first floured, then browned in the pan and finally cooked in the tomato sauce to become very tasty.
  4. Aviglianese Cod. Better known perhaps as cod alla lucanais a traditional specialty of regional cuisine of Basilicata. It takes its name from the areas where it is most widespread, in the municipality of Aviglianoand puts the well-known in the same dish cod confit in salt with perhaps the best-known product of the region: the raw chiliwho boasts an IGP in the municipality of Senise.
  5. Cod cream with bottarga and croutons. Appetizers perfect for a fish dinner with friendsto prepare this cream, all you need is cod already soaked. You have to mix the cod with the cream, remembering to check that you have eliminated all the thorns present. The cream is then completed with the bottarga and toast.
  6. Salted cod meatballs and potatoes. For these meatballs, you have to boil the potatoes whole with the skin and, separately, also the salt cod low heat. After cleaning and chopping it, mix with the potatoes, egg, Garlic, parsley, salt. The meatballs come next breaded and fried in boiling oil.
  7. Potatoes stuffed with cod. here is a single dish prepared with potatoes baked whole and stuffed with cod, onions and béchamel. The recipe is very tasty and very picturesque. Potatoes are prepared with cod already soaked but still rawtenderized by rapid cooking and flavored with sautéed onions with potato pulp and bechamel sauce.
  8. Cod Lasagna. Very filling, ideal for preparing if you have dinner guests, the cod lasagna they prepare with a lot vegetables And filleted cod. It is then there Bechamel to combine all the ingredients, mixing them together and giving the dish creaminess and the right amount of sweetness.
  9. Cod pil pil. Traditional Spanish recipefrom Pays Basquegather the cod with garlic and chilli. Through a oil cookingmaintained at low temperature, the cod cooks slowly and becomes soft. The skin of the cooked fish then releases a gelatin which, together with the oil, forms the sauce.
  10. Grilled cod en papillote. second course light with few calories, high in protein and ideal for lunch in the garden between friends, the cod en papillote is cooked on the barbecue by direct cooking: a quick and easy cooking method in which the food is placed directly on the heat source.
  11. Cod and asparagus pancake. Complete dish of the fresh and light combination, in this recipe the scent of the pastry goes very well with the sweetness of the filling. At cod flavor the delicate opposes typical acidity of asparagus. He’s a fanciful rustic pie, very easy to prepare, and perfect to serve on the occasion of a brunch or one picnic.
  12. Salad of cold cod, olives and oranges. fish appetizer tasty and fresh, very simple and fast to prepare, they really need few ingredients: dipped cod, oranges, Taggiasca olives, parsley And Grenade. To speed up the preparation, choose to buy cod previously soaked, as in our case. It can also be prepared in advance and kept cool before serving.
  13. Salad of pasta, cherry tomatoes and cod. First course fresh and tasty, in this recipe they are used yellow cherry tomatoes, a particularly sweet and juicy variety. For the salt codIn place, to be cooked simply by blanching it for a few minutes in a large quantity of unsalted water, you have two options: use the one ready to cook or choose the one to desalinate.
  14. Cod with cream. One of the most classic and popular recipes is certainly that of cod in cream. It is none other than a cod cream which can be served plain, on polenta, on croutons, wrapped in parmesan waffles or as a garnish for ravioli and fresh pasta.
  15. Salt cod brandade. The cod brandade it’s a second french dish tasty and effective. Also called French cod, it is prepared with salt cod and the potatoesin addition to aromas. In Catalan cuisine takes the name of bacalao brandada and it’s a cod cream which is creamed with milk and plenty of extra virgin olive oil and also includes the addition of boiled potatoes. We accompanied it with crispy chickpea pancakes.
  16. Cod alla livornese. second course of fish typical of the Tuscan cuisinefor this recipe we start from a desalted cod then we continue with the frying panby adding the tomato sauce. You can use ready-made or prepare it at home. The black olivespreferably pitted, make the cod even more tasty and appetizing.
  17. Ligurian sweet and sour cod. Although very simplethis recipe requires two successive shots: the first one is done frying in boiling oil floured cod fillets. Then, once browned, the fillets are passed in a saucepan with the wine, vinegar, sugar and sage for the second cooking.
  18. Cod and escarole pizza. It is a traditional preparation of Campania cuisine in which a base is used leavened bread or pizza dough or of crazy pasta and stuffed with stuffed with escarole and cod. The escarole is first braised in a pan with anchovy And black oliveswhile the cod is cooked separately with the capers.
  19. Stewed cod with potatoes and olives. For this recipe, all you need to do is thinly slice the onion and brown it in a skillet over low heat with a drizzle of oil. So join the Tomato pureethe potatoes cut into small cubes,laurelI capers and the Taggiasca olives. Finally, you have to adjust the salt, cut the salt cod in half and add it to the pan. Then cover with a lid and cook.
  20. Vicentine Cod. Very rich and tasty dish typical of the city of Vicenzathe recipe we offer is that of Confraternity of bacalà alla vicentina, considered the most reliable, the result of studies and comparisons between many existing recipes. The use of excellent extra virgin olive oil is essential for the success of the recipe, as it is present in large quantities. The long cooking milk fish, oil And Parmesan cheese make cod alla vicentina a very tasty dish, perfect to be eaten accompanied by polenta soft, tender.
  21. Cod with chickpeas. second dishWhere single dishof the traditional italian food is a recipe that contains ancient flavors and is related to peasant and mountain cuisine many regions. This preparation requires very long preparation time due to the soaking of chickpeas and cod, but it is possible to reduce them by using already soaked cod and pre-cooked chickpeas. Excellent served with toast or polentathe dish can also be enriched with potatoes diced and cooked with the fish.
  22. Cod meatballs in a dried fruit crust. second single to realize they are inside almonds, pistachios, Hazelnut. For this recipe, get cod fillet already soaked or desalinate it of you by leaving it in deep water for at least 3 days. Serve these meatballs too for the aperitif in finger food version scoop the sauce into small bowls or the bottom of a serving spoon and place the meatballs on top, perhaps in a smaller version.
  23. Couscous with cod and raisins. A big first simple summer coursewith a perfect bittersweet contrast data from onion andraisins. For an even more exotic flavor, you can also add a pinch of cinnamon.
  24. Cod cutlets. Quick and easy second lesson, perfect for tasting cod in a simple but delicious way. As the egg is not provided, care must be taken to ensure that the breadcrumbs adhere well to the flesh of the fish, so that they do not come off during cooking, and turn the cutlets very gently. With the addition mint And lemon peel adds a fragrant and fresh note.
  25. Cod stew in white. The cod stew in white with potatoes, olives, Cherry tomatoes And Oregano it’s a second course very rich and tasty. Here cod can be cooked both in the oven and in the pan: cut into small cubes, like a stew, it also lends itself to fairly quick preparations, thus becoming the perfect dish to prepare when you don’t have a lot of time available but you don’t want to give up on bringing a different recipe to the table.
  26. Baked cod. Healthy, without frills but very fragrant, the baked cod it’s a second course really for everyone. Cooked cooked with the onionsthe Rosemary and a piece of chilli pepperremains very moist and tasty.

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