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Coffee cheesecake: very simple, fresh and delicious recipe

A base of biscuits and butter welcomes a filling of coffee cream flavored with vanilla: here is the recipe for a dessert that anyone can really prepare

Cheesecake revisited with coffee.

The Coffee Cheesecake it is a very popular dessert, ideal in all seasons and a satisfying end to any meal. There are many variations and everyone can make changes according to their tastes or the ingredients available. Here we are going to tell you how to make this dessert with some alternatives.

The use of coffee in baking has an ancient tradition and although almost everyone knows how to prepare the perfect tiramisuthis ingredient is the protagonist of many recipes for fresh or cooked desserts whose preparation is different.

The secret to preparing creamy and dense desserts at the right time

The preparation of the fresh desserts takes place with a phase of amalgamation of the ingredients and a phase of rest at low temperature. The secret of these recipes is the skilful use of ingredients at the right temperature; in the case of coffee, it should be at room temperature and never boiling hot.

Cheesecake revisited with coffee: a simple and delicious recipe

With this famous drink you can get a very tasty dessert with a base of biscuits and butter and a filling of vanilla coffee cream: almost a cheesecake revisited in coffee, which all gourmets will appreciate a lot. The procedure is very simple:

  1. mix i biscuits to cocoa and butter (in a 2:1 proportion) to obtain the base of the cheesecake which will be kept cool
  2. For padding, you can omit the gelatin, mixing the milk, cream, vanilla, butter, sugar and coffee. To obtain a soft and tasty cream, be sure to mix all the components at high speed except for the cream which, on the other hand, must be whipped separately and mixed with the rest, mixing gently by hand, with movements of the de bottom to top.

Use cream cheese as an alternative

If you don’t like the whipped cream you can use cream cheese spread or mascarpone. To achieve a thicker and creamier effect, there is an almost secret little trick, which is to use powdered sugar instead of caster sugar. Thanks to its floury and fine consistency, in fact, it makes it easier to whip the ingredients and obtain thick and frothy creams which, therefore, will be even tastier.

How to best use coffee

When it comes to coffee, be sure to use a quality one. If you have a small mocha and you don’t want to use yours small supply of fine coffee you can also try the soluble format, as long as it’s good. This is a decidedly more practical solution because all you have to do is bring the water to the boil and then mix it with the coffee preparation.

The instant coffee, among other things, it becomes dense and frothy when mixed at high speed for a few minutes with sugar. Thanks to this feature, it allows us to reduce the quantities of cream or cheese spread to be added to give density and smoothness to the mixture. Remember that even the sugar can be adjusted to your liking and using the icing you will get a more frothy and pleasant looking cream.


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