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For most people coffee is a real daily ritualan indispensable ritual, without which it is not possible start the day at best or end the meal in style. Let’s go together to discover the methods of preparation and the different types of coffee, but above all try to highlight its property and the many different ways to use it in the kitchen.

Coffee, the most important properties

What coffee does to the body? The caffeine present in coffee makes it possible to obtain aimmediate burst of energyhelping us to neutralize the feeling of fatiguetiredness and exhaustion, improve our state of alert, allowing us to react to any situation with greater clarity and in less time. Not everyone knows it, but caffeine also has a analgesic effect. In short, it is a valid choice for fight physical pain, very useful in case of headaches. Caffeine it also boosts the metabolism.

Coffee is also rich in antioxidant substanceswhich allow you to fight against oxidative stressto keep the body young for a long time, perfectly stimulates the nervous system. It also seems to have a protective effect on our nervous system.

But how many coffees you can drink per day? Most people consume an average of a few cups of coffee per day. According to recent scientific studies, it seems that it is possible get up to 4 cups of coffee per day without causing health problems, provided that obviously there are no pathologies for which the coffee consumption it is not recommended, such as heart problems or hypertension. Coffee should be avoided instead pregnant women? Drink coffee while pregnant it’s possible, but it’s still good limit consumption.

Coffee as good as the bar

Before, you had to go to the bar to be able to enjoy a great espresso. Today, this is no longer the case. Just buy one Coffee machine high level and that’s it. Even some of the most famous coffee brands have chosen to offer machines of this type to the end consumer, such as Bourbon Coffee for example. With the coffee machines for home use, it is possible to prepare a good espresso like the one at the bar, but not only. By choosing a state-of-the-art coffee machine, it is in fact possible to prepare both strong coffee and long coffee, the decaffeinated, cappuccino and many other hot drinks. What is the best price for a coffee machine high quality? It is not an expensive device. Some models have a cost of only 60 to 80 euros.

Are you a real Neapolitan coffee lover? So no espresso machine, but a traditional mocha. I just single availability nowadays also American coffee machines, a long coffee with a less intense flavor than espresso that is becoming increasingly popular also here in Italy. In fact, many people want a hot drink that they can enjoy slowly.

Coffee, which variety to choose

There are those who prefer to taste a 100% Arabica coffee Where 100% Robust. Those who prefer to choose powders obtained by mixing different qualities, therefore with percentages of Arabica, Robusta, but also Excelsa, Liberica and others. Can’t tell which one Coffee blend is the best choice. In fact, it all depends on your personal taste.


Coffee, not just hot

Coffee should certainly not be consumed only and exclusively hot. The cold coffee, shaken from iceis a very popular drink during the summer time which allows to obtain all the energy of coffee but also to refresh intensely. The Lecce Cafe. This typical Salento drink includesaddition of ice cream and almond milk with mocha coffee, a little delight that allows you to start the day in the best possible way.

How to use coffee in the kitchen

Coffee is a very versatile ingredient. It can be used for the preparation of the traditional Tiramisu or the bavarian cake. Also delicious homemade coffee ice cream. The coffee can then be used in thehomemade fresh pasta dough. The coffee paste thus obtained can be seasoned in different ways, with prawns and zucchiniwith the asparaguswith the ricotta cheesewith walnuts and gorgonzola. Not only that, it is also possible to prepare a coffee sauce to dress the pasta of traditional mould. Coffee then lends itself to making side sauces for meat red and game and can be added to Beef stew and toroast veal for a more intense flavor.


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