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Cold on the way, here are the superfoods with which to face the change of season

WHERErnever the cold is upon us. An effective way to fight it is to eat better, with the help of ingredients, known and less known, which with their flavor but above all with their nutritional properties can represent an excellent ally. CiboCrudo, the main Italian producer of vegetable and raw foods, has thought of eight unusual products that should not be missing in our October diet to face autumn in the best possible way.

superfoods for winter

Shiitake mushroom powder

The Shiitake surprise us with their valuable content of beta-glucans, vitamins and amino acids, which can support the immune system and exercise antiviral, immunostimulant and immunomodulatory action. Those of CiboCrudo were collected manually, dried and pulverized at temperatures always below 42 degrees. Shiitake powder can be used as a seasoning for raw or cooked dishes (try it with smoked paprika!).

The good life

Acai berries

Directly from Brazil, these are powdered foods that can change your days. If this seems difficult to you, it is because you do not yet know its active ingredients: precious fatty acids, vitamins and mineral salts make this product rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents – some studies show its benefits even for people suffering from endometriosis. Two teaspoons a day are enough mixed with water, yogurt or fruit juices or used as an ingredient in desserts to enjoy its tastes and benefits. Taste? Delicious, reminiscent of dark chocolate and blueberry.


Mushroom used in Japan since ancient times to strengthen the immune system, it has properties confirmed by modern scientific research. Its active ingredients are excellent for the cholesterol control and for blood pressure, as well as recommended for their immune action. How to use it? You can vary between raw dishes and cooked dishes such as vegetable broths, soups and risottos; you can enrich the salad, eat it with vegetables or use it as an appetizer, mixed with mayonnaise or yogurt sauce.


become popular as aphrodisiac which increases testosterone, ashwagandha it is a medicinal plant which Ayurvedic medicine has used for over 3000 years for many purposes, including strengthening the immune system. An idea of ​​use? A herbal tea bomb to recover energy, by adding Goji berries and licorice root.

Ashwagandha Cold on the way, here are the superfoods with which to face the change of seasons



Autumn may be the season for mushrooms, but a little-known weapon to deal with the arrival of the first colds is this parasitic mushroom, renowned for millennia in Asia for its active ingredients, capable of supporting the immune system and the mental lucidity. . Reishi powder has immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antihistamine properties, as well as against stress and fatigue. You can consume the powder in drinks, teas, smoothies, herbal teas, soups and yogurts.


The drop in temperatures and the nostalgia of summer exhaust you, lack of energy? The maca root it is the perfect refill: a precious source of vitamins and mineral salts, it is able to stimulate the body’s energy and proves to be an excellent adaptogen, allowing the body to better resist stress, both physical than mental; the vitamin VS protects against oxidative stress, vitamin A is essential for the functioning of the immune system and niacin as well as contributes to the functioning of energy metabolism, reduces fatigue and brings strength to the physical state of the individual. Maca powder can be added to yogurt, smoothies and oats overnight (super trending on Instagram!): it has a nutty and sweet flavor.

Maca Cold coming, here are the superfoods with which to face the change of seasons



The change of season is a time of reset for the body and it is not uncommon to suffer from colitis, dyspepsia (digestive problems) and constipation. To counter these difficulties, it is good to increase the amount of fiber that we ingest, and so psyllium is the right product. In powder or flakes, it allows us to regain our physical balance. To use it, dissolve 2 to 10 grams in water, juices, vegetable drinks; if you don’t like its slightly gelatinous consistency you can use it to prepare porridge, smoothies, in yogurts or add it as a binder in your recipes, as a vegan alternative to eggs.

Cold psyllium is coming, here are the superfoods with which to face the change of seasons



We all love this food which is part of our tradition and in this period we must not forget to consume small quantities. So rich in selenium and Omega 3 they bring a lot of energy, and are therefore suitable in case of fatigue. However, grilled and blanched ones are avoided, preferring those which have not undergone any treatment to make them more beautiful but, necessarily, less rich in active ingredients.


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