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Common factor: Liguria is home to the excellence of Italian PDOs and PGIs

Four small Ligurian municipalities, Recco, Sori, Camogli and Avegno will host the PDO and PGI which represent the excellence of the Italian gastronomic heritage.

On Friday, November 11, the Consortium of Focaccia di Recco with cheese organizes the fifth edition of “Common factor”Meetings between DOP and IGP, an event dedicated to protected agri-food excellence of the European Union which bear in their protected name the name of the place from which they originate.

Opportunity is meant to be a prerequisite for dialogue between producers and institutions responsible for examining the various aspects of the protections, presenting the paths taken, illustrating the objectives entered and making assumptions for the future, analyzing market outlets, the attraction of the phenomenon of tourism gastronomy, new ideas for the best promotion of PDO and PGI.

Fattore Comune then returns “at full speed” after the 2020 interruption and the 2021 edition where there was a great desire to resume. In this context, as in previous editions, an intense program dedicated to the media, press, food bloggers and opinion figures is expected with an appendix to Saturday for those who, having arrived from afar, will have stopped over on the Côte d ‘Azure.

The program will follow in the footsteps of past years: in the afternoon at 2.30 p.m. Sori Theater with interventions by public institutions and bodies responsible for the fight against fraud of protected products, followed by a “talk show” in which the consortia and public administrations present will illustrate their PDO or PGI and the relative municipality / territory with personalized interviews. Presentation of Lucio Bernini and Tinto with Federico Quaranta, from Radio Rai’s cult show Due Decanter.

In the evening from 8 p.m. (exclusively by invitation of the media, food bloggers and opinion figures) at Recco in one of the restaurants of the consortium, a long-awaited moment for the tastings. Large tasting counters with commented tastings of the AOP IGP products present.

New this year, given the particularity of the products present, the chefs and focacciai of the restaurants associated with the Recchese Consortium will perform live recipes dedicated to them.

Products protected by Dop or Igp protection marks on arrival by Common Factor 2022:

  • Consorzio Salumi Dop Piacentini with representatives of the provincial administration of Piacenza
  • Robiola di Roccaverano Dop Consortium and the Mayor of the Municipality of Roccaverano (AT)
  • Consorzio Zafferano dell’Aquila Dop with the Mayor of the Municipality of Navelli (AQ)
  • Consorzio Peperone di Pontecorvo Dop with the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Pontecorvo (FR)
  • Consortium PDO Crudo di Cuneo with representatives of the Municipality of Cuneo
  • Brachetto Consortium of Acqui Dop with representatives of the Municipality of Acqui Terme (AL)
  • Consorzio Radicchio di Chioggia Igp and the Councilor for Agriculture of the Municipality of Chioggia (VE)
  • Consortium Focaccia di Recco with Igp cheese and Mayor of the Municipality of Recco (GE)

Always present also Genoese Basil Consortium Dop with the preparation of the pesto mortar, the Dop Oil Consortium Ligurian Riviera which this year will be on all the tasting counters andLiguria Regional Wine Shop which will represent the entire Ligurian wine production.

The difficult period due to the increase in all energy sectors is putting a strain on the activities linked to the producers of agri-food excellence protected by the European DOP and IGP marks.

The offer to the public is becoming more and more complex, the obstacles to overcome require new strategies with achievable objectives and effective planning. The continuous evolution of the market makes it essential to follow new trends.

The market demands increasingly controlled and qualitative production which must necessarily be accompanied by faster and more complete communication.

Common Factor 2022 also wants to highlight the problems faced by Consortia of Local Producers and Administrators over the past two years, tested by a very difficult pandemic economic situation and now grappling with a recovery that seems more and more a “Mission impossible” due to rising prices in each sector.

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