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“Conte is the only real popular leader in Italy today”

“We will be a big surprise, that’s for sure. Those who, until yesterday, thought we were dead and buried, will change their mind tomorrow by trying to knock on our door again”. Optimism, enthusiasm and a pinch of revenge for those who thought five stars wouldn’t have gone very far. It comes from the words of Alessandra ToddDeputy Minister of Economic Development and, above all, one of the vice-presidents of the M5S as well as in the race for Sunday politics.

For the vice-president of M5S, Alessandra Todde, “5S will be the surprise at the polls. Those who gave us for dead will be disappointed”

“I go to Sardinia and Lombardy to listen and talk about the urgent needs of citizens – explains Todde – and people appreciate our consistency and the seriousness of our proposals”.

Satisfied, then?
I am very proud of the work we have done, are doing and want to continue doing. I am proud of the 5 Star Movement and its entire community which has never stopped fighting for people’s needs.

Address “leftist” issues, but avoid anyone identifying you as a leftist force. Why?
Let’s not avoid someone identifying us on the left, indeed it seems clear to me that many people who choose to vote for us come from this world, from this history, have these roots. I am a woman who grew up with the values ​​of anti-fascism, my grandfather spent 10 years in confinement because he was an anti-fascist. We have redesigned the Movement starting from the essentials: a progressive manifesto which bases our perspective where the moral question of Berlinguer, the ecological transition, the fight against climate change, the question of gender, civil rights, social justice, work, the fight against poverty are all important themes. Ours is a social program for democratic people.

The recipe is winning, especially in the South, is it your merit or the demerit of others?
I don’t want to talk about the others, I have already said several times what I think of Letta and the current Dem leadership: in one month they have only made incomprehensible choices. The M5S recovers the consensus of progressives and disappointed environmentalists, it speaks to those who have less, to those who are exploited, to those who see no prospects: Conte is perhaps the only real popular leader. It takes away votes from the right, it has become a Meloni bank, because instead of offering recipes spiced with hate, it tries to treat people’s problems with serious solutions.

In the meantime, the energy issue remains central. Today Conte said on the Draghi issue he was “arrogant”. What do you think?
We sounded the alarm bell several months ago. We have asked for an energy recovery fund, following on from what has been done with the next generation EU and the gas price cap. We were the first to talk about taxation on additional profits. They took us for crazy, irresponsible, but now they all come after us to offer our recipes. The government ended because it no longer gave the answers the country needed.

Will the solution be a change in budget?
Faced with high bills and the increase in the cost of living, we are still doing too little, the 14 billion of the Ter Aid decree are insufficient. Either we recognize that the situation is serious, or the crisis is likely to worsen further. Extraordinary financial tools are needed. They can come from extra revenue or extra profit or a budget variance. But 40 to 50 billion are needed immediately to operate the entire productive fabric.

Last question: Will Grillo participate in the final event of the electoral campaign in Rome?
Beppe Grillo is fully involved, constantly updating with Conte and giving us a great helping hand. I don’t know if he will be able to come to the square, but he remains a man of a thousand surprises: in case we find out directly from Santi Apostoli.

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